What is a Pre-engagement ring? Meaning, Price & Buying Guide

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  • Updated On Aug 26, 2021
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What is a Pre-engagement ring? Meaning, Price & Buying Guide

“Let these rings remind us of our vow to be monogamous to one another.”

The small and sparkling promise rings are all about love, care, commitment, and loyalty! Any couple who exchanges these rings with each other sees a positive, happy, and committed relationship in the future. Let’s understand these rings and their associated meanings in more depth.

What are promise rings?

Just as the name suggests, the promise rings symbolize the love and commitment in any couple who is planning for a devoted relationship in the future. In a simpler way, these tiny jewel items can be viewed as the promises that a couple of shares among them. Be it about facing the difficult times together, living each day with love and care for each other, or any other sort of commitment, the pre-engagement rings keep reminding us about the vows taken together for a loving common future. One can gift these awesome rings to ‘someone special at any time. However, these rings are often shared before engagement so that the promised commitments can be turned into reality in form of an engagement ceremony and then, the wedding. This is the reason, why these rings are also known as the pre-engagement rings couple.

Promise rings for her/him and the associated meaning

Do you know what is the most important and interesting thing about these gorgeous rings? Well, every couple finds its own meaning in these rings! Yes! That’s true! Actually, it is up to you to decide that what meaning do you want to associate with promise rings of yours and your soulmate/fiancée or loving partner. The rings can indicate the following meanings. Take a quick glance at the same below but remember, the list just doesn’t end here as anyone may find yet another meaning for her or his promise ring.
  • The rings represent the deep commitment towards each other.
  • They also symbolize the beginning of a new relationship in near future.
  • The rings also represent the feeling of liking each other and that you are planning to get serious in your love relationship.
  • The rings also mean that a couple is devoted to each other and wishes to stay together in the future through the bond of marriage.
  • It is also worth mentioning that these rings can be given particular and personal meanings as per the couple. For instance, if you are living away from your loving partner, the rings keep reminding that distance will be over shortly, and soon, you two will be together forever!

Types of pre-engagement rings

The pre-engagement rings are less complicated in design when compared to elaborate engagement rings. These rings are most popularly done in diamonds and gold. But jewelry trends change with time and so have the promise rings! Today, you see a fascinating range of these rings. Especially, the wholesale silver stone jewelry range offers multiple attractive designs for all sorts of choices and preferences. The pre-engagement rings her range is also full of imaginative styles that suit different choices. Relating to the past, present, and future of your love relationship, these rings help you stay focused and committed to your relationship with your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, or fiancé.

Promise Rings – A Quick Idea About the Price

Well, this is the next most tempting fact about these rings! The price varies depending on many factors. Some of such important factors are given below:
  • The chosen material (it can be silver, gold, etc)
  • The chosen stone (the gemstones are also popular nowadays and make for a fabulous choice in these pre-engagement rings)
  • The incorporated design (mostly, these rings are made in a simple style yet sometimes they can have intricate patterns depending on personal preferences)

Buying Tips for Promise Rings

Before you buy these rings, you need to take care of few important points.
  • First of all, one should have a clear idea about the design and style of the ring. You should be clear about the metal that has to be used. You should decide whether your ring will embed a gemstone or not. Do you want to have a particular shape in your ring? For example, a flower, heart, or something else. Asking such questions prior to the shopping of the ring will help you sort out the available options.
  • The most important part consists of choosing the right destinations for buying your ring. Choose only the trusted and most authentic jewelry shops. If you are planning to for online shopping, do not forget to read reviews and check several times before placing your order for the pre-engagement ring.
  • Those who wish to have gemstones in their rings should ensure that they get real and original gems. Remember, good quality gemstone rings demand a good price but what matters the most is that, you as a customer get authentic and natural gemstones. Hence, it is best to choose only the trusted and reputed brands.

Sentimental Value

Now that you have learned and understand so much about these rings, it’s time to discuss the most important aspect connected with them. These rings have a great sentimental value. When you exchange the promise rings with your loving partner, you share the deepest of feelings. You get connected to an intangible yet beautiful and delicate yet strong future.

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