Crystal Gift Guide For Valentine Day

By Gemexi Team | Gifts and ocassions
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Crystal Gift Guide For Valentine Day


Not sure of what gifts to get for your favorite person? There are pretty much different types of gifts like a box of chocolates, flowers, and fragrances and much more but there is something different in giving them a unique gift that they can treasure forever. Crystal is the most delicate gift of all. A beautiful crystal could be an elegant gift for this Valentine’s Day; they are the ideal gift to share your loving energy with your partner. 

Each crystal transmits special energy that will be helpful for your partner’s personality. If your partner is fond of adventure, gift them Amazonite and it will be there to protect them for life. If your partner is a beam of light and love, you should gift them the Love Bracelet with love crystals. Whatever you choose for your partner, it will show your love for them and their spirit, how much it matters to you when they just stay in your life. 

Valentine's Day gifts with the Crystal

  • Love Crystal Candy Box: Is your lover fond of some sweet treats and shiny stuff, you can gift them a box full of some energy crystals and some of their favorite chocolates, this box is going to be almost too sweet and it will have all the energy your someone special has been craving.
  • Some love stones:  Rose Quartz, Pink Aventurine, Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Ocean Jasper and Clear Quartz are some of the infamous love stone which is going to make an enjoyable assortment of caring vibes and will make the perfect Valentine’s gift.
  • Raw Amazonite: For the hopelessly cheerful and adventurous soul, Raw Amazonite is going to be the perfect gift. This stone has a vibrant color and energy which will suit your partner’s spontaneity and love for their whole life.
  • Rose Quartz Roller: If you want to give your partner a luxurious gift, then get them a Rose Quartz Roller. A crystal massager will let them soothe away the stress and tensions of the day with the gentle energy of love.
  • Pink Amethyst Geode: Cheer up your partner to sit back and relax with the calming vibes of a Pink Amethyst Geode. It has the same peaceful energy of regular Amethyst, except its pale pink hue which opens the heart to guide the energy of love.
  • Valentine's gemstone jewelry: The Valentine's gemstone jewelry has everything you need to make your love crystal clear. With a heart-shaped ring or a pendant, you will impress your partner because who doesn’t love jewelry. Just wrap it in a box with a cute red bow and it is ready to woo your partner.
  • Love Gemstone Necklace: Give your loved one a Love Necklace which is embedded with love gemstones and will not only bestow with amazing liveliness and energy but will also look gorgeous on their neck with any dress. Through this gift, your partner will enjoy the energy of your love all day long. 
  • Amethyst Heart: Share the loving and gentle vibes with your partner by gifting them an Amethyst Heart. An Amethyst gemstone in the shape of a heart is the perfect stone to bless their soul with love and relaxation. 
  • Gemstone for Valentine's Day: As there are many gemstones which considered to be blessed for unconditional love, there’s no crystal more romantic than Garnet. Every time your partner sees any beautiful piece of Garnet on themselves, they’ll remind of you, and the true love they feel for you.

Love is in the air...

Valentine’s Day is approaching and there’s no better gift than a personalized crystal gift. At Gemexi we have a wide range of crystal, so you will surely find the ideal present for your loved one. Valentine’s Day is a time to rejoice love and the relationship, and this requires a present that stands out is extra special. Instead of planning for just chocolates and flowers, why not do something a little bit extra? All of the crystal gemstones at Gemexi are unique and beautifully handcrafted. You will be able to choose a favorite piece and can combine it with the other gifts of your partner.

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