Top Things Which Assured You About Cuprite

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 11, 2020
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Top Things Which Assured You About Cuprite

Just as fiery red outside, cuprite is a stone with energy that is vivid and deep. It strengthens, vitalizes, heals and balances the different aspects of the wearer. It teaches the wearer the principles of humanity and kindness. It is used astrologically to help a person to overcome various difficulties and arguments in life. Well, the benefits of cuprite are endless but before we discuss them in detail, let us give you a brief on the meaning, color, and location of cuprite.
The word cuprite is derived from the Latin word “Cuprum”, because of the significant copper content in it. It was first described by the mineralogist, physicist, and geologist Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger in the year 1845. The stone emits crimson red, blackish-red or red-brownish hues depending on the mineral impurities present in it. Owing to these colors, it is also known as red copper or ruby copper. The places where it is majorly found are USA, Namibia, Congo, France, Japan, Russia, Mexico, and Australia. 

The cuprite healing properties are:

Physical healing properties of cuprite: Cuprite is a female companion. When it comes to issues like hormonal imbalance, fertility, menopause, mensuration, PMS and cramps, this stone if great help. It restores the balance in the body post-childbirth as well as sorts out other issues associated with sexual functions. It promotes physical well-being, boosts energy levels and is best for the water retention process in the body. If you have problems like arthritis, height sickness, vertigo, dizziness, then cuprite is a stone to choose. It helps in vitamin assimilation and also sets right the ligament or tissue injuries. It is highly effective to the problems related to bladder, kidney and metabolic imbalances.
Emotional healing properties of cuprite: Along with the physical well-being, cuprite is a stone of emotional benefits also. It handles your thoughts, emotions and keeps the stress at bay. It constantly reminds you that these ups and downs are temporary in life. It calms you in various situations and always encourages you to take charge of your life. It enhances the humanity inside you and makes you more responsible as a person. It keeps negative thoughts away. It helps you in making better decisions. It inspires you to take the initiative, be bold and keep all the worries and anxieties away.  It brings harmony in relationships and makes you more sociable, happy and confident. 
Spiritual healing properties of cuprite: Cuprite is a great meditation tool. It helps in achieving the deepest of meditative state soon as well as enhances the exchange of messages between you and the divine. It teaches the wearer to develop a sense of control and containment in himself. 
Cuprite balances chakras too: Cuprite is allied with life-force energy. It balances the root chakra, heart chakra, as well as solar plexus chakra. It removes all the energy blockage from these chakras and infuses all positivity and vibrancy in it. It helps to maintain the energy level, enthusiasm, and stamina in the body. It keeps you sociable, ecstatic and confident. It even boosts the sense of mutual respect, serenity, and initiative in you. 
Cuprite is the best stone for Aquarius. It releases very soothing and relaxing energies when paired with Unakite. Do buy a loose cuprite stone and keep it near you to experience all these benefits. Remember, don’t leave it direct in the sun, it is prone to discoloration.

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