Tigers Eye - A Perfect Stone To Fight With Your Fear

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Tigers Eye - A Perfect Stone To Fight With Your Fear


“ An all-seeing, all-knowing eye,” the tiger’s eye is one gemstone that has been considered the most revered and powerful. Since times of kings and their kingdoms, this stone is linked to the unbeatable power of tigers. The Roman soldiers used to carry it in the field to be brave and fearless in the battle. The Egyptians choose it to place it in the eyes of their deity and there are other old civilizations that have used it as a talisman for other purposes. Tiger’s eye is known to give courage, integrity and the right sense to use the power in the right way. 
Tiger’s eye is basically a variety of microcrystalline quartz which is known for its remarkable chatoyancy and rich layers of gold and brown color. It is commonly found in the form of slabs and the locations include Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Canada, and Brazil
It is indeed a perfect stone to fight fear but other than that Tiger’s eye healing properties include:
Physical healing properties of the tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye is known as a blood fortifier. It helps in low blood pressure and increases the overall vitality and strength of the body. When kept on either side of the head, it rebalances the brain hemisphere. It restores the balance of the body and is considered best to boost the endocrine system. It brings the hormones and biochemistry of the body to the normal level. It stimulates fertility and resolves the issue arising from past experiences. Tiger’s eye holds the energy of the sun and therefore it is effective in relieving any kind of disorder or depression. If you have a complaint of nightmares, this stone helps. It also heals wounds, bruises, colon and stomach related issues. 
Emotional healing properties of the tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye is a remarkable ally for the mind. It balances emotional extremes and gathers all scattered thoughts. It brings together all the feelings and emotions in a way that it automatically starts making sense to you. It increases your focus, strengthens your decision-making power and makes you emotionally stronger. Tiger’s eye is best for those who find it difficult to remain optimistic. It resolves all the inner dilemmas, conflicts and infuses hope plus confidence for the future. It removes all feelings like jealousy, wilfulness, resentment, and pride. It teaches you to use the power in the right way. It unblocks your creativity and helps you to recognize your talent and abilities. Tiger’s eye also assists in understanding other's needs as well as realize that it is not just about one’s own needs always. It brings positive change in life. 
Spiritual healing properties of the tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye resonates with the frequencies of Earth and thereby provides warm and stable energy to your prayers and meditation. It instills peace in you, connects you with the spiritual power of the sun and nourishes your soul completely. It enables you to remember your dreams and use your Dreamtime for spiritual development. It ignites imagination, intuition and opens up your psychic talent by strengthening Third eye activity. It overall brings joyful enthusiasm to the body.
Balances chakra:  Tiger’s eye is believed to activate Solar Plexus and Navel chakra. The navel chakra is helpful in treating acute bronchitis and the solar plexus chakra is best to control the immune and digestive system. 
The benefits of the tiger’s eye are numerous:  They bring success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power to an individual’s life. It keeps you relaxed, composed and connected to the earth. Meditation with the tiger’s eye is highly blissful and peaceful. It maintains focus, mindfulness and raises your level of awareness. The gemstone is highly recommended for professional mediators and negotiators. Also, if you are too much in the consumption of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol then this nugget unquestionably helps. 
Buy the best of the loose tiger’s eye stone from Gemexi to experience all the amazing healings of it. You can also wear a tiger’s eye silver jewelry and feel a positive difference in life.

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