Tiger Eye Jewelry Collection

Why Do People love to Wear Tiger’s Eye Jewelry?

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful and yet inexpensive gemstone. This is one of the main reasons why people love to wear Tiger’s eye jewels. This graceful gemstone belongs to the quartz group and resembles a tiger in its appearance of colors and qualities. Tiger’s eye is, in fact, a form of blue asbestos & silica which naturally occurs in quartz. The gemstone comes in various shades of yellow, brown and gold. The beauty of this stone lies in its chatoyant effect which displays brown and yellow waves.

Historical Facts related to Tiger’s Eye

It is believed that one who wears this gemstone can feel mystical powers. The stone also provides the patience to wait for the most appropriate moment, just like a tiger does. Tiger’s eye is also famous for enhancing determination and concentration powers. The stone finds great value in Feng Shui also and is believed to bring wealth and safety.

Important Sources for Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s eye gemstone is uncommon all over the world. Its main source of occurrence in South Africa, in particular, the Northern Cape Province. The other sources for this gemstone include Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, US, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, and Spain.

Fashionable & Adorable Tiger’s Eye Jewelry Styles

This gemstone displays superb silky luster and attractive yellow, brown and golden hues. It is generally used as beads in necklaces and bracelets. However, it can also be found in form of pendants, earrings and other forms of jewelry. The gemstone is also believed to provide strength to fight with all sorts of negativity. 

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