How to Identify If Labradorite Is Real or Fake?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 31, 2023
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How to Identify If Labradorite Is Real or Fake?

Humans often drain our selves in our continuous struggle to fit in and escape the mundanity of life. But worry no more; Labradorite is a mystical stone packed with extraordinary healing properties. This gorgeous feldspar mineral not just illuminates its surroundings with its beauty but also acts as the light at the end of the tunnel. It encourages transformation and acceptance, making it an ideal fit for individuals across all age groups. It, in turn, strips us of our positive energies and takes away the desire to enjoy life as it is. 
If you are planning to buy a piece of Labradorite jewelry or wish to check the authenticity of your one, this article is for you. It has ways to spot a fake Labradorite and gives you a basic knowledge of the stone to help you understand it better.

All about Labradorite - Its History, Colors, Symbolism, & Metaphysical Properties:

  1. History of Labradorite

Labradorite is a mystical stone that dates back to eighteenth-century Labrador. It is from where the gemstone gets its name. Later, its traces reached Finland and Russia. Inuit people believe that the stone came into existence after dropping from the frozen fire of Aurora Borealis. They consider it a magic stone for all who are yearning to discover their purpose in life. Shamans, Inuits, and travelers have enjoyed its healing properties for decades.
  1. Color of Labradorite

One of the most distinctive traits of Labradorite is its color scheme, labradorescence. The exterior color of the stone ranges from black and dark gray to gray, gray-green, grayish-white. But that’s not all. There are layers of color inside that refract and gleam in blue, red, gold, and green hues. However, the most dominant color is always a shade of blue.
  1. The Symbolism of Labradorite

Blue is the color of calm and composure. It is known to cultivate feelings of resilience, patience, and hope for a better tomorrow. Labradorite helps you meditate better and shifts your focus to important things. It cures people of addictions and enhances their quality of life.
  1. Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite

If you know a little about Labradorite, you will know its hardness is one of its distinctive features. As shocking as it may be, one cannot scratch the stone with any sharp object. Its hardness ranges from 6 -6.5 on the Mohs scale, and it is cold to the touch. On a closer look, multiple thin fractures are visible parallel, making it appear as a cleavage.

Benefits of Wearing Labradorite  For Your Body, Mind, and Soul:

  1. Physical Healing: Despite being a gemstone known for its mystical powers, Labradorite has amazing physical healing properties. If you suffer from respiratory issues, painful period cramps, rheumatism, or trouble maintaining a healthy gut, I will advise you to try wearing a Loose Labradorite gemstone
  2. Emotional Healing: Do you face trouble due to the continuous shift in your mood? If so, Labradorite is the gemstone for you. Whether you are stuck in a loop of thoughts or are trying to come up with an idea, Labradorite helps you with it. It clears blockages and shifts draining energy to a more youthful and creative outcome. 
  3. Spiritual Healing: If you are someone who tends to exhaust yourself by doing too much, this stone is for you. It helps you attain a balance in life. Not just that, it activates your throat chakra and the third-eye chakra, which helps us connect to our higher selves while keeping us in touch with the reality of the world. Combining these chakras ensures clarity, mindful communication, and infinite possibilities. Many people also use this gemstone to tap into their psychic powers. 

Real vs. Fake Labradorite - How Can You Tell The Difference?

With the increase in demand for Labradorites, many fake ones are flooding the jewelry market. But unlike most gemstones, you can easily spot a fake Labradorite if you have little knowledge about the stone. 
  1. Color of the Labradorite - This beautiful gemstone is hard to mimic due to its unique color scheme. Googling the images of Labradorite will give you an idea of the different hues this stone has. The common colors of Labradorites are yellow, orange, blue, purple, and green. Interestingly, these colors reflect and gleam in the sunlight, owing to the Labradorescence. Labradorite is most Any combination other than these is most likely to be fake. 
  2. Notice the color play - If the Labradorite is real, the color inside the stone will shimmer through and make it appear like a rainbow. With every movement, you will be able to spot a change in the color reflected by the stone. Another sign of a real Labradorite is that it can look very plain or basic from one end, but when you shift it, the stone changes its color and shimmers.
  3. Price Point - Labradorite, as we know, is a rare gemstone. It means that you will have difficulty acquiring the gemstone, making it a pretty expensive thing. So if anyone is selling you Labradorite for less, it is fake.
  4. Structure of the Labradorite - The gemstone Labradorite is a beautiful work of art and is mainly available in pear, oval, and circle shapes. The good news is that the color, strength, and longevity make the chances of duping it very slim. The best way to know that the Labradorite is fake is when it has a cut. A natural Labradorite will never have cuts.
  5. Authenticity Certificates - When you buy a gemstone, the safest way to guarantee its authenticity is to ask for a certificate. There is no harm in being cautious and asking questions about the Labradorite. 
Now that you know about the benefits of this wonderful gemstone, Labradorites do not hold back any longer. Visit our website Gemexi and choose from a variety of modern yet classic designs that can elevate your look in no time.

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  • Ava
    Jul 22, 2022, 7:06:26 AM

    Labradorite, you will know its hardness is one of its distinctive features. As shocking as it may be, one cannot scratch the stone with any sharp object. This new fact I knew from this blog.

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    This blog has genuine information about the difference between fake and real labradorite gemstones. I follow these facts when I buy this stone. These facts will help a lot to anyone who has no idea about the difference between real and fake labradorite stone.

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    I was not aware of the ways through which I can check my labradorite stone. Thank you for the information.

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