How Dendritic Opal Brings Good Luck In Your Life

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2019
How Dendritic Opal Brings Good Luck In Your Life

Opal is one of the most well-known gemstones in the world. Regularly worn as jewelry items, Opal’s sheen and beauty can hardly be ignored. Opals are composed of hydrated silicon dioxide and have microscopic silica spheres that are most often bonded with silica. Traces of other minerals such as cristobalite and tridymite have also been found. Opal is amorphous meaning that there are no detectable crystalline structures or chemical composition. Thus technically, Opal isn’t called a mineral but a mineraloid. Opal is created over time when the gelatinous mixture seeps into layers, fractures, and veins of underground sedimentary rocks and solidifies as the water evaporates. In most cases, Opal retains water content which can range from 3% to 21%.

There are different theories as to the origin of the name Opal. Some believe that it came from the Latin word opalus while some others believe that it originated from the Sanskrit word Upala - the precious stone. Opal is considered very important for its many healing and metaphysical properties. It is believed to transform a person bringing out his hidden desires and feelings. The dendritic opal stone helps one deal with her negative energies and works on amplifying positivity. Opal helps to let go of emotions that can be destructive, negative, and repulsive.

What is Dendritic Opal and How Is It Different?

What everyone might not be aware that Opal is found in many varieties. The difference usually lies in color, composition, weight, and other factors. Among the many varieties of Opal, Dendritic Opal is one of them. It is usually a milky white or brown colored stone with dark-green inclusions that resemble moss, fern, or tree. These dendritic inclusions are usually made of silicate, hornblende, or manganese oxides. You will not see any play of color on a Dendritic Opal stone because it isn’t a translucent stone but is more solidified. Dendritic Opal is not particularly common but it is considered to be a harbinger of good luck. You can wear silver dendritic opal jewelry and feel the change within yourself. Apart from being considered a ‘lucky’ stone, it has other healing properties that cannot be completed ignored. It is a great stone for those who want to get back in touch with the environment. The stone helps to communicate with the Nature spirits. The stone also helps one to improve her relationships making her more approachable. If there are past wounds that are refusing to heal or which keep bringing back bad memories, Dendritic Opal is known to help heal. The stone also promotes prosperity and abundance. 



How Dendritic Opal Brings Luck

Dendritic Opal is considered a stone with immense healing properties. But what it is most famously known for is that it is said to bring good luck. Wearing Dendritic Opal rings or Dendritic Opal pendants acts as a good luck charm that can completely turn your life around – giving you everything that you desire far more easily and effortlessly. The stone can positively affect your health, confidence, and overall outlook on life.

Wearing a Dendritic Opal necklace can improve your love life. The stone works on improving your personality in such a positive manner that you are able to better handle your relationship with your partner. With the help of the stone, you can better organize your thoughts which will then get reflected in your life. The stone gives you a perspective on how you are dividing your time for professional commitments and personal life. The stone helps you strike a balance. Thanks to the stone you can give fair attention to your partner who will not feel left out of your life. The positive energies of the stone not only stabilize your relationship but also makes you stronger such that you are better able to tackle complex life situations.  It has been seen that the stone makes a person more tolerant of others. It hones your mental capabilities and makes you self-aware. Since the stone helps to heighten your awareness about your surroundings, good luck automatically comes your way. 

If you think luck is missing in your life, try wearing Dendritic Opal earrings and see how the stone transforms your life. You can find an exclusive Dendritic Opal jewelry collection only at Gemexi from where you can also buy wholesale Dendritic Opal jewelry.


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