Get Knowledge About The Ranbow Calsilica Which Bring Colors In Your Life

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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Get Knowledge About The Ranbow Calsilica Which Bring Colors In Your Life


Sometimes you need a pop of color in your wardrobe to lift your spirits. Sometimes colors can speak for themselves and convey your feelings. It is always so much fun to use accessories that are modern, fun and funky. While there might be much artificial jewelry that you can wear for an occasion, nothing can quite beat the glamour of gemstone jewelry. But if it’s a burst of color that you are really for, there can hardly be a gemstone jewelry item better than Rainbow Calsilica silver jewelry. It is a comparatively recent discovery but in just more than a decade, it has managed to become a hugely successful stone that is increasingly being used to make pendants, earrings, rings, and many other types of jewelry.

What is Rainbow Calsilica 

Rainbow Calsilica is an opaque gemstone that has multiple bands of colors. It is most popularly available as carvings and cabochons. There are many colors you will find in a Rainbow Calsilica pendant such as yellow, green, red, blue, orange, black and sometimes even pink. 

There has been a lot of contention regarding the nature of Rainbow Calsilica. When it was first “discovered” in 2002, it was said to be a natural gemstone mined from Chihuahua, Mexico but soon many world gemological organizations researched and found that Rainbow Calsilica isn’t a naturally forming gemstone but it is man-made. When it was released in the market, it was said that a Rainbow Calsilica earring has formed by microcrystalline calcite which included layers of natural clay that gave it many colors. However, after several research was carried out it was found that traces of powdered carbonate rock were artificially colored and stabilized. Plastic was also used in the process. The research concluded the presence of not only Calcite and Silica but also artificial colored pigments and plastic.

However, it must be said that irrespective of the fact whether Rainbow Calsilica is natural or man-made, the fact that it is a beautiful stone cannot be denied. The only problem arises is when the confusion regarding its originality remains. It is thus advisable to only buy a silver Rainbow Calsilica jewelry after ensuring its originality.

Why Choose to Wear Rainbow Calsilica 

Apart from its almost outrageous burst of colors, there are other reasons why you should be choosing this gemstone. Unlike other stones which derive their metaphysical properties because of their chemical compositions and crystalline structures, Rainbow Calsilica derives its metaphysical properties from its colors. It is widely believed that the many colors of the stone make it a highly energetic stone that you can feel once you wear it. From time immemorial it has been believed that colors have a way to influence our minds and thoughts. The colors we often wear to tell more things. However, colors have always been interpreted variedly by different cultures. For example, wearing red in some cultures is considered a good thing while others may see red as being fiery and aggressive. This is also the case with other colors. But when all the colors are combined together in stone, the positive energies of all will vibrate within you.  

The colors of this gemstone jewelry will bring so much life and sparkle to your life that it is almost impossible to ignore it. Wear a small stud or a large chunk as a jewelry item and see it attract attention as very few things do. You can choose to wear Rainbow Calsilica for formal occasions (especially if you want to experiment with your choices) or casually for a brunch party or any other informal gathering. See how eyes turn and many observe your beautiful neckpiece.  




What Type of Rainbow Calsilica Jewelry to Choose 

Whether you are looking to buy wholesale Rainbow Calsilica jewelry or go for a single resplendent Rainbow Calsilica necklace, you can check out a huge collection only at We have the best collection of Rainbow Calsilica rings, pendants, earrings and much more. At Gemexi you can not only browse through the whole Rainbow Calsilica jewelry collection but also many other rare gemstones that are carved out as beautiful jewelry items. Order online today and get it delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

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