Find Interesting facts about Petrified Palm Wood stone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Find Interesting facts about Petrified Palm Wood stone


Petrified Palm Woodstone is known for its protective qualities. It is excellent for grounding and stabilizing one’s emotions. Golden in color, this petrified palmwood is considered a state symbol of the USA. The cabochons like polka dots in darker or black shades on the golden base give a very designer appeal. The healing properties of Petrified Palm Woodstone are amazing and so is the formation process of it. Want to know all about it? Come, let us tell you the interesting facts attached to Petrified Palm Woodstone. 
This palm wood is basically a fossil of Louisiana which comes from palm trees in the Oligocene Epoch. Since the woods were buried deep over a hundred years ago, it is believed that with time the wood has got replaced with microcrystalline quartz. This replacement, in turn, produced fossil which is known as petrified palm.
Physical healing properties of Petrified Palm Woodstone: Petrified Palm Woodstone is a great healer when we talk about physical ailments. It enhances the absorption of vitamins and minerals and pushes off your overall cellular growth along with the immune system. It cleans up your body, keeps the skin intact and aids in the digestive system. Petrified Palm Woodstone is said to be very effective with viral infections. It also supports the reproductive system in both the sexes and always leads to happy pregnancies. 
Emotional healing properties of Petrified Palm Woodstone: Releasing the energy of tranquillity all around, Petrified Palm Woodstone helps you in getting rid of negativity soon. It spreads the feelings of compassion, care, and love for others. It reliefs the people from the traumatic memories and gives you the strength in case of broken hearts, rejection or sudden abandonment. It produces pleasant sensation throughout the torso and brings in amazing qualities of confidence and self-reliance. 
Spiritual healing properties of Petrified Palm Woodstone: Petrified Palm Woodstone is bestowed with warm and pleasant-sounding energy that is particularly felt when you hold the stone in your hand. It instills trust and gets up to the wisdom of ancestors in order to bring in happiness to one’s spirit. It deepens the wearers association with the natural world while at the same time protect the wearer during all spiritual work. It helps in achieving a higher state of consciousness as well as unfold the various karmic lessons during the spiritual journey.
Petrified Palm Woodstone heals and balances chakra too: Petrified Palm Woodstone aligns well with the root chakra, the chakra which is said to be the foundation of the body’s energy. It summons vigor, poise and creates liveliness in the life of the holder. Also, Petrified Palm Woodstone is said to have the propensity to open the heart chakra. It keeps the emotions intact and upholds the healthy relations with the folks around.
Other interesting benefits of Petrified Palm Woodstone: Petrified Palm Woodstone helps the wearer to explore the past lives in order to resolve the current emotional problems. With this, you can expect very good advice from some unexpected source and it also facilitates elevating emptiness by achieving a zen-like deep meditative state. Loose Petrified Palm Woodstone is commonly used to bring success in business. It helps the wearer to be practical and strong and overall it maintains the physical, spiritual as well as emotional health of the holder. 
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