Petrified Palm Wood

Petrified Palm Wood - Healing Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Golden in color petrified Palm wood is the state stone of Texas, it has a  designer cabochons like polka dot and have darker shades or black. This palm wood is the fossil of Louisiana which generally comes from palm trees in the Oligocene Epoch. It gets its name "petrified" from the Greek word petrol which means stone-field. Often believed to be a pseudomorph-chalcedony replacing the wood as  its trunks were buried under hundreds of yards of sediment and with time the wood was replaced by microcrystalline quartz. After palm dies the infilling and replacement with solid silica produced the fossil known as "petrified palm."

Known to possess practicality power, it infuses the same in his wearer too. It is a stone of success in addition to it also evokes tranquility and gliding vigor to go the things by accepting the present. Recognized for its qualities of general fortification, it is the stone which turns out to be excellent for grounding and stabilizing one's emotions. It's dark mystic dots are particularly useful in calming one's fears, soothes the troubled minds furthermore restore the balance to the body and spirit. It lends the wearing individual a courage to speak from the heart and being a stone of deep spirit. It takes in the propensity to connect the wearer with his past as well as bring it to the ground for healing. By boosting deep meditative state, it encourages to release all the emotional bonds moreover free the mind to explore a higher consciousness to gather up the past life work. Allow one to be in the flow of life, it in its depth, it connects the wearing individual in the glimpse with the origin of life. It too let the wearer touch the primordial ooze which finally nurtured the atmosphere. These petrified palms further assist the wearing individual to feel a greater degree of patience and to stay with a plan of action through to completion. By helping one to take the correct financial decisions, it always provides gains in the corresponding situation. Generally carried to extend a life span also to increase the enjoyment of life, it brings in the positive evolution of lives. Being an element of water and associated with planet earth its organic matter sometimes replaced by opal, jasper or else with quartz which changes its color from brown to gray or green in color. Chemically considered to be powerful in removing obstacles, it opens up a new smooth path to foot upon.

Where is Petrified Palm Wood found?

Parts of this fossilized palm trunks are found at many positions in USA, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. They are wholly and uniformly silicified are often of high enough caliber to be cut, refined, and used as jewels. It is likewise utilized to make small sculptures, spheres, bookends, and other decorative objects.

Healing Properties

Petrified Wood is thought to help restore physical energy by removing hip and spine troubles. It is predisposed to strengthen the bones too. Though a living tree,  when fossiled its organic parts is replaced by the minerals, then today it tends to possess the qualities of those minerals as well. Recognized for its extremely grounding qualities, it promotes the spirit of well being. An excellent stone for meditation, it helps the wearing individual to discover the right and wrong prospects in life. It serves to nurture the business so known as a stone of success.

  • Physical Healer

By promoting the body’s essential growth, it helps to renew and enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals, cure hip and spine troubles as well as heighten up the cellular growth along with the immune system. It too shore up the digestive system furthermore cleans up the body toxins which in turn keep the skin intact. It helps to maintain the overall health of the physical body including hairs, nails, teeth and jaw.

Known to effectively deal with viral infection, it cures all the related infections moreover associated illnesses. Thought to support the reproductive system in both sexes, it solves the problems related to  feet, legs, knees and hips. As a powerful cleansing stone, it helps restricted blood flow and enhances the body's filtration. Proves to be beneficial in case of elimination organs it treats kidneys well. With a restorative quality, it helps to re-bind skeletal and cellular system. It is thought to increase fertility overcoming impotence contributing to happy pregnancies.

  • Emotional Healer

With the stress releasing superiority, it gets rid of negativity from the air and infuses tranquillity. As a treasured stone, it tends to strengthen the broken hearts in love, rejection or sudden abandonment. Holding away the qualities of emotional upheaval, it is also helpful to produce a pleasant sensation throughout the torso. Petrified Palm Wood is especially conducive to spreading out the heart, asking over the feelings of compassion, transforming negative emotions and increase the power to love the self and others. Being a dream stone, it takes into account the unconscious to open and let go of the original traumatic memories which are frequently at the beginning of such beliefs.

Soothing the mind, it assists in cherishing  ideals and desires of the wearing individual. By facilitating the ambition into physical reality, it with its provident qualities brings in confidence and self- reliance.

  • Spiritual Healer

Petrified Palm Wood is endow with a warm, pleasant-sounding energy for contemplation and is particularly empowering when touched or held in the palm of the hand. Recognized for its spiritual healing qualities, it instills trust and gets up the wisdom of ancestral energies which encourages happiness to draw prosperity to one’s spirit. As an excellent grounding stone, it always represents nobility and ideas. Being a magical stone for the quality of for sure protection, it provides a shielding guard during spiritual work. Known to deepen the association of the wearer with the natural world, it imbibes in the power of the nature and provide it to the wearer. It too acts as a focal tool during soul retrieval. Too applied to initiate deep inner voyages, it leaves one to bring back to the higher state of consciousness which in turn reveal the karmic lessons learned from the spirit.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Petrified Palm Wood is endowed with a gentle, agreeable liveliness for consideration and is particularly empowering when touched or carried in the palm of the holder. It is allied with the root Chakra and tends to radiate its energy with the body’s foundation. As grounding stone, it realigns the physical structure of the wearer and left him feel easy. It triggers the energy which helps to preserve the healthy physical relations with the romantic partner. By ensuring the needs and yearnings of the duo, it lets them in a placate zone. By reverberating within the base chakra, it too radiates the energy which ultimately leads the wearing individual to the otherworldliness. This root chakra helps the carrier of the gem to access his natural leadership eminence. It too summons the vigor and poise which instils the capability of can do. It creates the liveliness in the life of the holder. 
It is likewise has a propensity to open the heart chakra, which, on the other hand, is known to ideal for soothing hot disposition of the holder. It too regulates the interaction of the wearer with the outer world as well as helps him to show his embracing qualities. It furthermore serves to keep the kinship intact. By evaluating the emotions, it upholds the healthy affiliation with the folks around.

Petrified Palm Wood Facts

Some facts about Petrified Palm Wood

For its gigantic qualities, it is considered as a state symbol of USA. Fossiled it is actually a stone which is like quartz. The spotted look of this wood is caused by fossilized rod-like structures inside the original forest. It will help the wearer to get an advice from an unexpected source. Petrified Palm Wood facilitates deep meditative state along with Zen-like state to eliminate emptiness. It assists  in exploring past lives of the wearer in order to resolve his current emotional problems.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Associated with all astrological signs, it is a fossil and is a famous variety of chalcedony.
  • It helps its wearer to be practical and strong.
  • Commonly used to get success in business.
  • Petrified palm wood is a known for its protective qualities and is also good for grounding as well as stabilizing the uprooted emotions.
  • Due to its great antiquity, it is often used to make the connection with the past life.

Petrified Palm Wood In News

Petrified Palm Wood Color

With the energies of Power, Protection, Healing. they appear in shades of Red, Reddish-brown, brown, oranges and varies hues of orange. May also range in color from white to honey brown or from chocolate brown to the tone of dark black and also in pinkish and yellowish hues.

Petrified Palm Wood Colors

  • CleavageImperfect on the [0001]
  • Other NamesWood agate
  • Crystal Habitenantiomorphic, prismatic
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.53-1.54
  • Diaphaneity
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7.5
  • SourcesLouisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, USA, Washington, North Dakota
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • Lustrewaxy
  • ColorRed,Reddish-brown, brown, oranges
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneMarch
  • Zodiacleo
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