Confronting Your Fears With Charoite Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Confronting Your Fears With Charoite Gemstone


Sometimes it is easy to identify gemstones but there are also times when it takes a certain level of expertise to distinguish one gemstone from another. Most gemologists are well-read and can differentiate between gemstones without much difficulty. A gemstone that can be easily identified is Charoite. It is a purple-colored stone with swirling patterns all over it. The shade of purple can vary from stone to stone. An interesting fact about Charoite is that it is a rock, much like Lapis Lazuli. It is composed almost entirely of the mineral by the same name – Charoite. The swirls that are seen on the stone are due to the presence of fibrous crystals which are naturally arranged in complex, interlocked patterns. Traces of other minerals have also been found in Charoite such as prismatic orange tinaksite crystals, greenish-black aegirine-augite crystals, and pale greenish-grey microcline feldspar. Charoite can easily be called a highly decorative ornamental rock. 

But is that all that is special about this gemstone? Definitely not. Charoite silver jewelry is popular also because of how it helps dispel fear from one’s life. Coming in contact with this stone ensures positivity in your life. You welcome good thoughts, energies back into your life while dispelling everything that is negative and unwanted. The powerful energies of Charoite directly hit the Heart Chakra. The stone also merges the Heart Chakra with the Crown Chakra, as a result of which you are wholly transformed into a better being.  

Charoite Works Wonderfully for Healers

More often than not healers have to bear the brunt while treating other’s misfortune. Though most become healers because alternative healing comes naturally to them or because it has been traditionally practiced in the family, we are talking about individuals who have to be very strong – mentally, physically and also emotionally. It is believed that the healing properties of Charoite touch the soul of a healer. The stone inspires a healer to go his job with reverence and fortitude. The stone also helps stay connected with the Spirit. The strong vibrations of the stone help you commit yourself for the well-being of others. It is also a protective stone and it is believed that the stone especially protects a healer from psychic attacks. 

What Charoite Means and its Origin

Charoite was first discovered in Russia near the Chara River. The stone gets its name from the place it was discovered. The Russian Charoite is mostly found in the color purple and it has the typically swirls that are easily associated with Charoite. The swirling patterns are usually in the colors brown, black, lilac and white. The swirls occur due to the presence of other minerals inside the stone. For example, white swirls are a result of the presence of Calcite. 


Confront Your Fears with Charoite 

The benefits of Charoite are many. As a healing stone, Charoite is most notably known for its ability to confront fear. If you fear to make life-changing decisions or fear the unknown, wearing this stone can prove to be beneficial. Sometimes in life, it is important that you confront fear and face the unknown with open arms. Charoite’s magical properties allow you to do so without hesitation. The stone vibrates with positive energies and it especially lifts the higher chakras, synchronizing them with one another beautifully. 

The stone is also believed to be helpful in strengthening your connection with the Divine. The stone establishes your trust with the Divine, allowing you to keep the Supreme Being in your prayers and work at every moment. It is no doubt a powerful stone that allows you to evolve as a human being, dispelling fear and negativity while embracing positivity and spirituality.  

Wear Charoite Jewelry And Feel The Change

Now that you know a little bit more about Charoite healing properties, it is time you should invest in a few pieces of jewelry as well. Charoite is quite extensively used in jewelry making. You can get earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets with Charoite on them. Alternatively, you can also buy loose Charoite stone and keep them close to you.  Irrespective of how you use Charoite, it definitely helps you transform from within.  


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