Bring Magic In Your Life With Labradorite

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Nov 25, 2021
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Bring Magic In Your Life With Labradorite

Just like every gemstone that delights you with its specific healing properties and abilities, Labradorite is also a powerful gemstone which can bring changes in your life for good. But before we talk about Labradorite healing properties, we should know the basics of this wonderful stone.

Understanding Labradorite – Labradorite comes from the most abundantly found mineral on Earth and that is, Feldspar. The other name for this stone is Spectrolite. The stone was first of all discovered in Labrador (Canada). Hence, it was named as labradorite. The stone is also called “Rainbow Moonstone” when it is available in a white matrix. It can be found in few beautiful colors including but definitely not confined to shades like light green, blue, yellow, white or grey. It also contains golden streaks in it. It also reflects a unique combination of different colors as mentioned earlier. Undoubtedly the stone looks very beautiful. Hence, when the benefits of Labradorite are talked about, the beauty enhancing factor is never ignored! Now let us discuss the healing properties of  Labradorite.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Labradorite is the stone of transformation – One of the most important benefits of Labradorite is that it brings positive changes in your life. It works as a cleanser for its wearer. It lets you realize your self-worth and aids greatly in becoming and behaving like your real self. Working on your throat chakra and crown chakra, it lets you think in a lucid manner. It also helps you identify your bad behavior as well as harmful habits. Not only this, the stone helps you realize your true capabilities so that you can meet the dream goal of your life.

Labradorite is the stone of magic - Labradorite is also popularly known as the stone of magic. Do you know why? This is so because the stone has the power to wake, stimulate and enhance the magical powers in a person. If you think that you are gifted with certain spiritual or supernatural powers, you should use Labradorite. The stone will not only help you recognize these powers but will also help you enhance them. It is also believed that the stone locks the positive energy so that it does not move away.

It enhances your psychic powers – The Labradorite healing properties remain incomplete without mentioning about the psychic abilities of this amazing stone. Those who wish to accentuate their psychic abilities can use this stone that is regarded and respected to boost the psychic capabilities of its wearer.

Labradorite helps combat depression – Let us now talk about one more important benefit of Labradorite. Well, the stone is highly considered to help fight depression. It makes you invulnerable to negativity and pessimism.

It makes you more confident and expressive – The power to enhance confidence in a person is also one of the most important benefits of Labradorite. Helping you realize your self-worth, the Labradorite stone makes you feel and look confident. It works wonderfully on your throat chakra and the same becomes evident when you start expressing yourself in a much better way than before.  

It helps you find joy – One of the significant healing properties of Labradorite is that it helps you find joy. Actually, the stone helps you find interest in the tasks that you are involved with. When you start taking interest in your tasks, you naturally feel joy and happiness in your life. It also removes negative energy from your surroundings and detoxifies your body also so that all negativity is gone.

Labradorite gives you a soothing feeling – Nowadays, it has become so difficult to remain calm and stress-free. If this is what you feel, you should try to use and wear Labradorite. The stone is believed to give you a soothing feeling so that you feel relaxed and quiet.

Labradorite Silver Jewelry

You can invite and enjoy all the above-mentioned Labradorite healing properties by simply wearing the Labradorite silver jewelry. The jewelry made with this lovely elegant stone looks highly attractive. Labradorite bracelets, Labradorite pendants, rings and earrings can be found in various classic as well as new age designs. You can choose any of them and can flaunt your unique taste in jewelry. Moreover, the color of Labradorite jewelry is so soothing to the eyes that it always gives a beautiful appearance and so can be matched and worn with all sort of attires.

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