A Look At Amazing Facts Of Thulite Stone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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A Look At Amazing Facts Of Thulite Stone


Thulite is regarded as a national jewel boulder of Norway. It was first unearthed in the year 1820 there and believed to be a variety of jewel zoisite as it is fairly lower than the hardness of quartz. Don’t worry, it is still hard enough to made jewelry. Thulite Silver Jewelry looks crazy with the stone color ranging from deep to light pink. The benefits of Thulite stone are many, want to know some amazing facts related to it?

Thulite has recognized a jewel nugget of love:

Conceived to be gifted to a new couple since years Thulite is considered as a stone that grows the feelings of love and admiration. It helps the carrier to stay into the relationship by understanding another person’s perspective. It keeps your emotions in control and generates happy romantic feelings. If an individual is single, Thulite helps him to find his romantic mate. It teaches you the power of unconditional love without expecting the same from others.

Thulite helps you to overcome your hesitation of speaking in front of others:

Thulite is the best stone to possess if you are a performer or speaker. Thulite stone encourages extroversion, eloquence, and showmanship. If you are really a shy person or fear stage then try Thulite, with continuous possession of it, you never know you might at a position where your words start influencing or mattering to people.



Thulite mends the issues related to heart and solar plexus chakra:

The radiating energy of this precious rock resonates well with the heart and solar plexus chakra. It enhances creativity, self-confidence, and self-esteem of a person. It is also responsible for the efficient flow of energies to and fro in the overall torso. It strengthens the will power and is sure to cure the sentimental wounds that are gained from a past life. Thulite is also credited to regulate the eating disorders that are caused due to stress and depression. Overall it generates positivity, love, and stability in the whole body. 

Physical healing properties of Thulite:

Besides the above three main facts, Thulite also plays a major role in healing you physically. It strengthens the heart muscles, controls the level of sugar in the body and mainly clams down the super active torso or the glands that secret excessively. It helps females prominently with their gynecological problems. It assists both the sexes in attaining puberty. If you have been suffering from spinal injuries, migraines or any tongue related problem, this crystal can be a rescue mascot. It also cures skin distresses.

Spiritual healing properties of Thulite:

The jewel boulder is believed to draw positive energy from the cosmos like a magnet. It clears all the pessimistic feelings from the torso and develops a deep belief in the power of the divine. It infuses spirituality by removing all the blockages in the aura. The Thulite helps the individual to regain himself by replacing the hurt with hope.

With Thulite, you really get to understand the essence of life. It fills your heart with love, makes you learn to forgive and start making you believe in the power of the divine. If you also feel that Thulite is one for you then do visit GEMEXI and order your favorite Thulite Silver Jewelry item from the site. You either buy the stone or buy in jewelry form, both the ways the wonder are going to be seen.

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