A Guide To Know More About The Bauxite

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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A Guide To Know More About The Bauxite


Mother Nature is undoubtedly a treasure of many solutions to the problems of mankind. Each problem created and faced by the human has an answer in nature. All that is needed to be done is to set out to look closer to the answers. One such is the gemstone. Basically, found as a rough and crude stone in the lap of mother earth. The gemstones have valuable powers and healing capacities that are unmatchable with anything on the earth. One of such useful and efficient gemstones is the Bauxite. In fact, Bauxite is a mineral crystal. It is actually a sedimentary rock which is considered as the chief source of aluminum, the name of which is heard on a daily basis as it is put to much daily life uses. This mineral crystal is worth all your while, do check out the details. 

All about bauxite: 
Bauxite is the mineral crystal known to be the primary ore of aluminum production in the world. This mineral is generally found in laterite soil wherein there is the presence of silica and moisture. Along with these elements, bauxite is formed in combination with clay minerals, aluminum oxide, siderite, quartz, goethite, hematite, etc. So, all these insoluble minerals together with the above-mentioned components form bauxite mineral. 

Trends are changing and so bauxite is no longer confined to industrial use. There are astonishing pieces of jewelry that are made out of this mineral. Thanks to the schemes in the market as there is wholesale bauxite jewelry in the stores.  

Physical aspects of the gem: 
Firstly, the bauxite is abundantly found in various colors like dirty white, red, brown, yellow. Of all these colors, the brown and the red version of colors are used widely. The hardness scale of this gemstone is between 1 to 3 which means it is quite a hard stone that is resistant to easy scratching, dents and other forms of damages. 

The world today is just unimaginable with this wonderful mineral as it is extensively used in housing material, industrial tools and so on. 

Bauxite accessories & jewelry: 
People are driven by the latest fashion sense and they are no longer wearing the boring pieces of jewelry. The jewelry markets are getting stocked up with ‘n’ number of accessories and other jewelry designs. 
Bauxite mineral crystal is no exception to this, as there are more than imaginable designs available readily in the Bauxite jewelry range for the customers. All you need to do is just go through all of them and pick the right piece from authentic jewelers. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of Bauxite by wearing it in the form of beautiful jewelry.  

Beautiful looking and highly attractive bauxite earrings, bauxite necklace, bauxite rings, bauxite pendants, etc. are some of the common yet popular jewelry forms found in the Bauxite silver jewelry.  

Bauxite Healing Properties  
Okay, not only for housing, industries, and jewelry – there is another side of this gemstone which is its healing capacities. The healing properties of bauxite are endless and efficient. They help deal with bodily and emotional disturbances. 

  • Emotions – The bauxite crystal when made a point to wear it in contact with the skin gives the person wonderful results. One among them is the control over the emotional self or side.
  • Meditation aid – Meditation is quite effective and calming to both the body and the soul. But there are a few people mention that find it hard to focus on just the process of meditation. This mostly happens because they are distracted and find it really hard to focus. So, have the bauxite gemstone beside you when you sit down to meditate. This will help you meditate and help yourself with peace. 
  • Brings happiness – It is said that happiness is all within you. That is right, but it is just not easy for some to enjoy that. They find it hard to get out with any emotion for that matter. Having this crystal by your side will stimulate the happiness that lies inside you. 
  • Positivity – Lacking positivity? Well, you got to have bauxite crystal. This brings positivity into life making it beautiful and worth the living. 

Care of bauxite: 
Though this is quite a strong crystal in terms of its hardness, proper care is a must. Storing it in dry places will help to keep it from any spoilage. You can store it in a box of rice where all its powers remain intact and active.

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