A Complete Guide On Owyhee Opal

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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A Complete Guide On Owyhee Opal


Discovered in the year 2003, Owyhee opal is a fair recent addition to the gem world. It is majorly extracted from Oregon and is considered the rarest amongst all opal types. The Owyhee opal is a beautiful all-rounder stone with a soothing bluish hue, just like the color of the Caribbean Sea. It is regarded as the ultimate charm to fulfill all sorts of wishes. It accredits to evoke spirituality, soothes the emotional distress heart and physically gives comfort and healings to varied diseases and pains. The benefits of Owyhee's opal are endless. But before we get on discussing all these, let’s just throw some light on its formation.
Owyhee opal is a random crystalline stone. It is a form of sedimentary rock that is relatively found in low temperatures. When we talk about its physical composition, the silica and water are found in the highest quantities. The other elements in the composition include oxygen and hydrogen. The Owyhee opal is prone to heat and the acidic environment because of oxygen and hydrogen present in it. 
Owing to the blue shade, the Owyhee opal is said to resonate with the throat chakra. It is renowned as a peacock opal and is believed to be a stone of peace and love. The Owyhee opal healing properties are as follows:
Physical healing properties of Owyhee opal: Owyhee opal is a great physical healer. The blue hue of it is considered most favorable for eyes. It clears the vision, strengthens the eyesight, and deals with all issues related to eyes. In addition to eyes, the color also stands beneficial for hair, nails, and skin. The Owyhee opal helps the body in water retention. It maintains the water balance in the cells of the human body and thereby assists in wiping out the beginning of infections in the body. It also effectively cures dehydration and soothes the inflammation. Owyhee opal is best to treat the vocal strain, larynx, pharynx, throat infections as well as sinus conditions. It reduces the fever, poises the functioning of the neurons by stabilizing the neurotransmitter disturbances like Parkinson’s Disease and stimulates memory. Owyhee opal purifies the blood of the entire torso by accelerating the functions of the kidneys. It regulates the production of insulin in the body as well as control the functions of the pancreas. It supports the females in the troubles related to hormones. It also gives comfort during pregnancy and childbirth. 
Emotional healing properties of Owyhee opal: Owyhee opal is a calming stone for the emotional torso. It generates feelings of kindness, love, passion, and compassion. The gentle blue vibes of this stone strike balance in the emotions of the wearer. It helps the person to be true to himself and deal with the emotional challenges that life brings. Owyhee opal promotes you to bring your thoughts and feelings on the surface. It gives a logical route to think about the situations causing distress and keep all negatives or doubts away. Owyhee opal is a completely supportive stone. It controls your emotions and clears your mind to imagine things with a broader perspective. It brings in a lot of happy moments in life as well as teach you to enjoy life as it comes. It pours in the lost harmony back in life and pacifies the restless intellect. The blue hue of Owyhee opal helps to releases the trauma of old wounds and evolve you as a positive, confident and more loving person.
Spiritual healing properties of Owyhee opal: Owyhee opal acts as a marvelous vehicle to bring in the spiritual light into the aura. It awakens the sleeping psychic as well as the mystical qualities of a soul. It opens the gate of cosmic consciousness for an easy understanding of the unsaid and inexperienced. It is a protective stone. It guides you in the journeys that take you deep towards healing the present as well as past life regression. It evokes a vision, increases lucid dreaming and is ideal for attracting the energies of the angels. As it is said to carry water energies, it is perfect to develop a connection with the spirits of the water. Owyhee opal is also known to be associated with planet Venus, it conveys the soul to be relaxed and experience the crossing over of spirits. It develops communication skills with the divine and stabilizes the overall energy of the directionless soul. 
Wearing Owyhee opal has ample of benefits: It relieves the soul and boosts up the wearer’s morale. If you are struggling through menopause or PMS, this stone can ease your journey. It can also help in weight loss and in situations of chronic fatigue. If you have sleep disorders, imbalanced metabolic activities, swelled up muscles or complain of dizziness, Owyhee opal can set everything right. It can soften your tone and behavior, clam your restless soul and bring balance in life. It is considered best for those who worry a  lot about their present and future. It clears all situations of panic attacks, anxiety as well as depression. It infuses a lot of self-esteem, confidence, and wisdom in person.
The color of Owyhee opal is alluring to wear it in silver jewelry. If you loved knowing about this stone, we would suggest to buy and experience the healing properties of it. You can either buy Owyhee opal silver jewelry and enrich your silver jewelry collection or simply pick some loose Owyhee opal stone which you can carry in your bag or keep in your crystal box. Also, Owyhee opal is a stone for people born in October, so in case if you are looking for something to gift your family or friends who are born in October than this gemstone is really a good option. You can visit Gemexi for Owyhee opal purchase and buy all 100% genuine and authentic Owyhee opal pieces. 

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