Wish to choose right career, then the water energy is the right choice to trust upon

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Wish to choose right career, then the water energy is the right choice to trust upon


Since traditions and in the Feng Shui culture water is one of the most potent components of the five elements of all energy forms. The other natural energy forms of nature are speculated as Fire and Wood along with Earth and Metal. It is too reckoned that balancing the elements in turn balance the lives in addition to the aura of the home including surrounding. Water is a symbol of softness that conquers the hardness as well as brings the moment that adds meaning to the life. The energy of the water proffers stillness to the restless emotional and the racing thoughts. Furthermore, it purifies the soul and strengthens the overall torso to know the divine purpose of life. The vivacity of the water energies likewise encapsulates the hidden potential of the soul as well as the unrealized impending power of nature. Water, when assessed with its powerful energies, seems to be yielding and amorphous. The eloquent forces of the formless water bestow the power of regeneration in addition to the rebirth to energize the complete circle of the life. Now to symbolize the cogent energies of the water, black and blue hues of nature are used.


The lucid forces of water can too be expressed through the black and blue tints of the gemstones. The clout of gem hues is conceived to boost up the space that is used by the soul for relaxing and gaining the calm reflection for offering the prayers. The reverberating vibes of the blue and black color gemstones serve to bring the spiritedness of the flowing water in the life and help to attain pizzazz for leading a dynamic life in this ever changing the world. The vibrancy of blue and black too assist the soul in realizing its hidden potential additionally focusing on the ways to utilize it for gaining tranquility. The energies of the water are predisposed to vitalize the aura of the home to cater liveliness all around. Traditionally, water or is energies is contemplated to be connected with the Noth area of the living area either room or home as per the Bagua Chart. Further, it is too kindred with the career along with the res of the life path. The uninterrupted flow of water symbolizes the continuous current of its energies that assures the balance of energies in the life paths. In order to keep the life progressing in the forward directions use the energy of the water or the water energy holder crystals to achieve the desired goals.

As per the black hat approach of Feng Shui, the energy of water is utilized to treat the erroneous architecture. More often than not, the water element is associated with the entrance or the region near it if the entry gate is not centered. An inexact main entrance should have water, energy and fish tank is recommended to keep, but if not feasible, and then blue or black tinted gem nuggets would-be used to get it correct.


In Feng Shui, Metal energy is too viewed to support the water energies in addition to the blue-black gem nuggets. Silver is the hue that demonstrates the metal energies, thusly, keeping either silver-hued gems or the silver metal long with black or blue gems works well to enhance the water energy in the area.

It is whispered that if earth energy is more at a place then the water energy should be increased in that space to attain balance. Green or brown tinted gem nuggets represent the energies of the wood, for instance, peridot or tourmaline is the consummate exemplar of the stones that depicts the wood energy. Traditionally, it is adjudged that Water energy ebbs the fire energy and augments the wood energy. Blue-black gem nuggets can be placed in the regions where there is much of fire element or very less wood element. Since ages, it the energies of the water is pondered to nourish the life as well as boost it up to achieve all the desires of the life. The gem nuggets with blackish or bluish tints when kept in the office or home helps to attain opulence in addition to the overall health.



A Guardian Builder, Azurite is speculated as a powerful gem nugget that proffers the shamanic power to the soul as well as help in the astral travel. The vibrant energies of this magnificent gemstone radiate the soothing energy all around that helps the soul to grow and prosper in the life ahead. In the ancient traditions of the Egyptians and Native Americans, Azurite is reviewed as a stone that holds the sacred powers and protects the spirit from the evils in addition to the physical harm. The vivacity of the stone likewise considered to evoke the wisdom as well as helps to stay honest to self and others. Further, the energies of the stone balance the throat chakra that assist the soul to express the feelings clearly.

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The exuberance of Trolleite makes it is a guardian buffer gemstone that provides the protective shield to defend the person along with his loved ones and priceless possessions. It also bestows the physical security to the spirit in this physical cosmos as well as maintains the potential to facilitate the heart to draw through the tough times. The blue tints of the stone speculate to mark the beginning of life and emotion to provide flexibility to accept the changes as well as be relaxed and balanced. It likewise helps the spirit to learn to take responsibility and behave sincerely in the outside world. It makes the person faithful and trustworthy.



Blue Opal

The energy of blue tint in the opal adds uniqueness to the healing attributes of the Opal, it aside from soothing the intellect and mind too mends the troubles related to sleep. The bluish vibes of the stone clear the blockages that hinder the soul to communicate in an effective manner. Further, the potency of the stone too yields strength to bear the pressure serenely. The reverberating vibes of this alluring gem nugget endorse understanding that helps to attain harmony and balance with the surrounding. Since ages, it has been recognized as a transformer gemstone that holds the power to change the present life for something good.

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blue opal

Chrysocolla Cerussite

Chrysocolla Cerussite is a combination of two different gems that when fused together enhance the power of this captivating vibrant stone. It holds the tints of green along with brown and orange to balance the life force energy in a perfect way. Cerussite since history is known to deal with the sleep disorders effectively and recover the stamina to handle the situations of the life. It grants the mental protection as well as the fortitude to attract fortune in the life. Acknowledged as a Dispeller Builder, it holds the propensity to alleviate the physical discomfort and recover the physical vitality. It too roots out the anxiety to gain peace of mind.



White Tourmaline

A compelling gem nugget that disperses the sense of power helps the soul to feel more secure and physically powerful; Tourmaline is contemplated as a Seeker Energizer gemstone. It likewise deepens the connection of the spirit to nature and universe around. It releases the fears and proffers mental fortitude that serves to transmit the Universal Life Force in the life for attaining the success and riches. The white hue of the stone too possess the energies of the Moon, so assessed as a regenerator too.

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white tourmaline



Amethyst a Seeker Transformer gem nugget helps to transform the life into more desirable form. It too helps to understand the inner self and the needs to encounter the artistic endeavors.

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Aventurine is speculated to bring water energy in the life of the individual in addition to the home or office. It too mends the imbalances and triggers the throat chakra that lighten up the path of understanding for successfully communicating the feelings. It brings the power of regeneration and maintains the equilibrium of life.

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Chalcanthite on Goethite

A healing gem, Chalcanthite on Goethite balances the throat chakra as well as trigger the chakras to equilibrate the life. It is suggested to put this captivating stone on the north side of the room to convey the energies of the water in the life and achievements clairvoyance along with psychic attunement. A Barrier Solidifier, gemstone infuse strength and protects the soul from the misfortunes. As a solidified gem, it strengthen the relations build and brings tenderness in the dealings of the life.

chalcanihite on goethite


Goethite with Onegite

Goethite is a powerful gemstone that holds the inclusions of the Onegite. It displays the purplish-brown tints along with the black when tilted sideways. Goethite is predisposed to grant the great sense of power and to feel secure in this physical world. The grounding energies of the stone links the energies of the spirit with the Earth to make the soul more balanced and poised.

goethite with onegite


Aqua Aura

A Seeker Transformer stone, Aqua Aura helps to find the inner peace by releasing anxiety, stress and neutralizing the extremes. It too brings calm to the intellect to deal with the stressful situations of the life.



The eminence of the Bismuth makes it a purifier gem nugget as well as a building block of the life’s matter. It promotes honesty and faith to offer joy to others. It too contributes to achieving the spiritual growth and face the adverse situations with courage.

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Blue Kyanite

Kyanite is a stone that is known for its abilities to enhance the meditative skills of the person. It serves to build a deep meditative state as well as keep the person safe from the misfortunes of the spirit.

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blue kyanite


Lapis Lazuli

The vibrancy of this mesmerizing stone act as an Enhancer Filter that is known to bring internal harmony as well as help to focus on the feelings that create uneasiness in the heart. It too keeps the soul away from the off-putting energies by infusing the enthusiastic and constructive feelings in the life.

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lapis lazuli



A Dispeller Solidifier, Angelite help to get out the things and feelings that we do not need in life anymore. It helps to establish strong relationships along with the healthy physique.

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Blue Calcite

A primary gem nugget used by the women to attain the desired meditative state as well as re-center the lost self. It too balances the chakras in addition to the overall torso to maintain the equilibrium of the life. It likewise imbues the confidence in the soul to expose self impressively to the yang environment.

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blue calcite


Obsidian holds the potential to refresh and revitalize the emotions along with the emotional heart after an emotional disappointment. The energies of this stone make it is a talisman that attracts love and affection in the life of the soul. It is recommended to the multitudes born under the zodiac sign, Capricorn, but the potent healing attributes of the stone work well for all.

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Peacock Ore

A dark blue mineral, Peacock Ore aside from possessing the blue tint too holds green and purple color that makes it a holder of varied healing properties. A stone of intellect too enhances the intellectual capabilities and allow the soul the real meaning of life in addition to the circumstances. It is practiced to heighten clarity of thought, concentration, and focus. 

peacock ore



A strong healing and grounding gem nugget, Shungite brings the elemental power of purity in the inner soul along with the life. It promotes faith, honesty as well as peace in the internal aura of the soul to help lead a composed life. The black color of the stone makes it a powerful grounding stone that not only attracts the water energies but too help to stabilize self in the changing circumstances of the life. It too keeps the person safe from any physical harm.

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Que-Sera brings the Universal Life Force energy into the life to face and overcome the difficult problem. Que-Sera is contemplated as a meditation gemstone that should be retained for very particular affairs. It is uncommon and valuable because of its highly active energies.

que sera


Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye is chiefly used as a talisman to help to magnetize riches and property. It does augment attachment and assist in smoothing disparities between life partners. It has the substantial energy to establish leaders and dominance.

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blue tiger eye


Blue quartz

Blue quartz is a crystal of recovery and restoration. It is also used in honoring Goddesses and as healing stones for the throat chakra. It is highly recommended for putting in the North part of the room where you spend most of your time, to bring the flowing, soothing water energy to your life.

blue quartz

Catch you next Wednesday with more amazing gemstones that hold water energy.

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