How To Work With Malachite Crystal

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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How To Work With Malachite Crystal

Malachite is an adorable stunning crystal that exuberates with a rich green color. Personifying nature and greenery, the Malachite crystal is full of amazing healing properties and benefits. Let us now discuss how to work with Malachite followed by the healing properties of Malachite.

Working with Malachite Crystal

The beautiful looking green Malachite crystal can be used in a few different and effective ways. Some of the popular ways on how to work with Malachite have been given below:

Let it absorb energy – Remember that this crystal is a wonderful stone that absorbs a lot of energy in comparison of energy that it emits! Hence, whenever you feel that you have absorbed too much of the energy of other people or surroundings, you can place this crystal on the solar plexus area. This is the point where the maximum of your energies is stored. Placing the stone in this area will help absorb all the unwanted energy. It is also worth mentioning here that once you start using this crystal on a regular basis, you should cleanse it also after regular time intervals so that it can work with full potential.

Let it heal your body – It is a widely accepted fact that Malachite crystal is a great healer. It can absorb the illness from your body and can make you healthier than before. A simple way to work with this crystal is to place it on the problematic area for some time. You can repeat the process for several days until you see a positive change in your body. Again, do not forget to cleanse the crystal after every step of treatment.

Let it heal your heart – Malachite crystal is a wonderful option when it comes to clearing the blocked energies in your body. Hence, by placing it on your heart chakra, you can open up the emotions of your heart in a better way. You can express your feelings and emotions frankly so that you feel light and stress-free. However, it is highly recommended that when you are using this crystal on your heart chakra, you should do it in the presence of some expert as sometimes the results are overwhelming.

Malachite Healing Properties

Let us now discuss the significant healing properties of Malachite.

Absorbs negativity – This stone can be used to absorb all sort of negative vibrations from the body as well as from surroundings.

Absorbs radiation – It is a powerful stone that absorbs all sorts of radiations so that your surroundings become healthier and fresh.

Removes the fear of flying – While traveling, keep this stone with you and it will help you overcome the fear of flying.

Helps combat various physical problems – The beautiful green stone called Malachite can be used to attain soothing and positive effects on physical issues like Malaria, Asthma, high blood pressure. Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, Rheumatic ache, and problems related to kidney/spine.

Helps fight depression – Malachite is an astonishing stone for people who want to fight depression. The crystal absorbs the negative energies so that one feels positive and optimistic.

Helps express your inner feelings – If you think that you are not able to express your innermost feelings, you can absolutely rely upon this incredible stone called Malachite. It helps you bring out and express your deepest feelings.

Clears out the blocked energies – It is also a popular fact about Malachite that it helps clear the blocked energies in a fabulous way. The crystal actually contains the unique green energy that is very helpful for removing the blocked energies.

Works as a perfect emotional healer – You can also use this stone as an emotional healer as it provides a quick and soothing effect on your thoughts and emotions.

Activates chakras – You can also place this crystal on various chakras of your body to activate them.

Malachite Silver Jewelry

Now that you have read so many benefits of Malachite, you must be wondering how you can use Malachite. Well, apart from using it in the form of a crystal, you can always go for the Malachite jewelry option. Available in an extensive range of designs and sparkling with beauty and elegance, this beautiful green color jewelry surely gives you a ‘to-die-for’ look! Flaunt your chunky Malachite earrings or bring out the delicacy of your wrists with the help of Malachite bracelet. Wear a pretty pendant done in Malachite or show off your delicate fingers in a Malachite ring. Each and every way, the Malachite silver jewelry will give you an irresistible look and feel. 

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