How to Identify Real Diamond

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How to Identify Real Diamond

Diamond jewelry for women is coveted all over the world because it looks pretty, adorable and exceptionally attractive. The sparkle and stability of diamonds are simply incomparable. But it is regretful fact that today fake diamonds have stepped up a lot into the jewelry and gemstones business. The worst part is that amateurs or common people cannot identify the fake diamonds as they are very much like the real ones. So the question is how to tell if a diamond is real? Well, there are certain ways to find real diamonds. So whether you are buying diamond jewelry for women or simply planning to buy authentic diamonds for your jewelry business, we share some great tips on how to tell if a diamond is real!

Ways to Find Real Diamond

We will be explaining the following ways for identifying real diamonds from the fake one:

  • Check for any flaws
  • The pen method
  • Check the edges and girdles
  • The water drop method
  • Compare the weight
  • Choose the professionals for testing diamonds
  • The exhale method

Check for any flaws - Many people remain in the misconception that real diamonds are flawless. This is completely a myth. The natural diamonds do have flaws. However, it is important to mention that the less the flaws are in a diamond, the more valuable it is! If you see any streaks or slight speckles in your diamond, get delighted because you are checking a real diamond. But again, remember that these flaws are very much difficult to be identified and thus, unprofessional or common people cannot easily detect them. 

The pen method– Dip your pen into the ink and draw a line with it upon the diamond. Check this line with the help of magnifying glass. If you see a dotted line, you have a real diamond in your hands. 
Check the edges and girdles – Real diamonds do not have rolled or soft edges in them. The real authentic diamonds also lack suave waxy girdles. Check for the same using a professional top-notch quality jewelry magnifying glass. If you find any waxy girdle or soft edges, remember you are seeing a fake diamond!

The water drop method – Clean and dry your diamond with a soft professional jewel cloth. Then, dip a clean toothpick into the water and put a drop of water on the diamond. If the diamond is real, the water drop will not spread.

Compare the weight – While creating fake diamonds, different types of materials are included. The inclusion of such materials often leads to an increase or decrease in the weight of the diamond. With the help of real diamond samples as well as the weight accuracy scales, you can compare the weight of your new diamond with your sample of a real diamond.
Choose the professionals for testing diamonds –The best and the easiest way for identifying the real diamonds from the fake ones is to get the help of professionals. They are experts and possess sufficient knowledge of precious stones. Also, request them to do the tests in your presence. Anybody who denies this request should not be trusted!
The exhale method – An easy way to identify real diamonds is to exhale on it. If the exhaled vapor stays upon the diamond for a few seconds, it is a fake one. On the contrary, if the vapor or fog disappears instantly, it can be considered as a real diamond.

Use the above methods and stay safe from fake diamonds! Enjoy your beautiful real diamonds!

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