Crystal Shapes Matter - Here is Everything You Need to Know

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Aug 16, 2021
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Crystal Shapes Matter - Here is Everything You Need to Know

Crystal shapes do matter! Yes! That’s absolutely true! If you have been using crystals and do not know the relation between the shapes of crystals and their properties, you are fetching just half of the whole benefits. Various shapes of crystals are associated with a specific meaning. You can understand the same with the theory of colors. Be it the color of the gemstones or the colors in general, the fact is that every color has its own effect. For instance, the yellow color is known for spreading cheerfulness and energy. The green color symbolizes prosperity. The purple color symbolizes aristocracy. And similarly, there are many more such examples. In the same manner, every particular shape of each crystal defines certain properties.

How the Natural Crystal Shapes Affect Properties of Crystals?

Ask any expert and they will instantly tell you the meaning that is deeply associated with these shapes existing in the natural crystals. It is important to clarify that original crystals exist in unique and rare patterns that are found inside their structure. While these structures do not affect the emitting energy, the same is received in different amounts depending upon the particular shape in a gemstone. The most important point to notice is that choosing the right shape will help you get great results in terms of your objective for which you are using a specific gem or crystal. In addition to this, the right shape in any stone will augment its connected healing powers and abilities.

Types of Crystal Shapes and Crystal Shapes Meaning

Before discussing these various forms, it is important to understand the crystal shapes definition. In a nutshell, it implies the various patterns or forms in which a particular gem/crystal is cut, designed, or used. Now let us discuss the different forms.
  1. The Sphere Shape

This one is considered a small universe. When you use such form in any healing stone, it helps you stay connected with all the existing and surrounding energies. Due to this reason, this form is often recommended to people who are looking for a deep meditation process. If you feel stressed due to some reason, using a round or spherical gemstone or crystal will help you get relaxed. Make sure to choose the right comfy size that can easily be held in your hands.
  1. The Egg or Oval Shape

This category is known for spreading energies from all sides. However, the main point of energy is considered at the top place. As eggs are symbolic of life, this form also depicts life as well as a new start. Hence, people who are looking forward to starting anything afresh in life should use crystals with an oval or egg shape. This form is also related to the wonderful feminine energy. Those who face issues related to productivity, strength, energy, or confidence required for starting a new project or venture in life should go for the oval shape.
  1. The Tower Shape or Point Shape

Considered as one of the best shapes, the point shape is mainly related to the power of focus. If you need to concentrate deeply on a certain goal or objective, you should choose the point shape which is also known as the tower form. Using crystals that have a tower shape enhances your concentration power and helps emit energies (related to your intention) towards the universe. The same helps in creating a favorable situation for fulfilling your specific purposes.
  1. The Cube Shape

Do you wish to stay connected with Mother Earth? Are you looking for ways that help you stay grounded to the planet earth? Do you want to choose a shape for your stone that will help you attain the required grounding vibrations and energies? If yes, you should not think even twice before using the cube shape in crystals. This form is highly popular for attracting grounding energies. This is the reason why you often notice the cube-shaped gemstones in places that are meant to attract the grounding force.
  1. The Tumbled Stones Form

One of the easy forms that can be carried anywhere without any hassle is the tumbled stone form. It is actually the free form. Available in small comfortable sizes, such tumbled stones are comfortable and portable. You can carry them the way you want to. Keep them in your handbag or in your shirt pocket. They will keep on emitting their energies the way they are expected to! Using them and carrying them is quite easy. This shape is quite useful for those who travel frequently and want to keep their favorite gem with them every time.
  1. The Pyramid Shape

We all set goals in our life but how many of us are determined to achieve these goals? Well, if we want to make our dreams come true, it is quintessential to first strengthen our objective and willpower to attain that specific goal. The pyramid shape in any gem or crystal will help you achieve the same! Just as the base in any pyramid is the basis of strength, this shape helps strengthen the base of your desire, intention, expectation, dream, or purpose in life.

Now that you have learned about the various types of crystals and their meanings, it is time to buy crystals in the appropriate shape so that you do not only get to enjoy all the associated healing benefits at their best but also get to strengthen your associated purpose for which you are using your crystal.

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  • Leo
    Aug 27, 2022, 7:26:42 AM

    Crystals attract everyone, So it must be considered that designs and shapes do matter. Nice blog, it describes all crystal shapes.

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