Amazonite Healing Benefits You Must Know

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Jun 20, 2022
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Amazonite Healing Benefits You Must Know

Amazonite is also popularly known as the Stone of Truth, Stone of Courage, the Amazon Jade, and the Amazon Stone. It is named after the river ‘Amazon’ and contains the strength of a river, thus, justifying its name. Found in the beautiful greenish turquoise shade, this stone comes with efficient healing properties. It is also worked into fine pieces of jewelry. Amazonite is not only used in the present era but there is evidence that indicates that the stone had many uses in the past also. Let us begin with the healing properties of Amazonite.

Amazonite Healing Properties

Let us now discuss the healing properties of Amazonite in detail.

  • It stimulates the chakras – You can also use Amazonite to stimulate your heart chakra as well as the throat chakra. Thus, when you use this stone, you can find your heart to be strong enough for dealing with emotional problems as well as you can notice an enhancement in your communication skills.
  • It helps recognize your inner self – If you want to know yourself and understand your own truth in a better way, Amazonite will help you. It will help you identify your honesty and truth. It will help you live your life with your own values.
  • It helps express yourself in a lucid manner – Use this stone to bring out and speak up your innermost thoughts. It gives words to your thoughts so that you can express your feelings clearly.
  • It instills self-confidence – If you think that your confidence level is low, you can use amazonite to boost your self-confidence. Helping you realize your true potential, will aid you in working and acting in a more confident manner.
  • It provides relief in many physical problems also – Be it the problems related to recovery, nervous system, throat infections, metabolic disorders, or those related to teeth, thyroid glands, skin, or hair, Amazonite will give you significantly positive results in all bodily ailments. It also helps you keep good health.
  • It soothes your mind and emotions – If you are feeling lost and depressed due to some reason, the stone will help you calm down and find peace. It is also a great stone to deal with anger and aggression. It does not only bring peace and calmness to your mind but also helps you think positively.
  • It is believed to bring good luck in your life – Keep Amazonite with you and you will observe how your good luck starts shining back in your life. Wear it or keep it while participating in luck-based competitions or games and find yourself emerging as a winner!

Few Significant Benefits of Amazonite

The lively-looking amazonite helps create the right balance between the feminine and masculine energies. Amazonite can also be used as an efficient energy filter. It will purify the energy surrounding you and will give you a purer, fresher, and more positive environment. If you know the harmful effects of using laptops, microwave ovens, smartphones, etc. but still can’t stop using them, then amazonite can help you stay guarded against their negative energies and effects. It is a widely accepted belief that an amazonite is an efficient tool for clearing out electromagnetic pollution. Hence, one can keep it at the workplace or home, wherever it is required to create a fresh and pure atmosphere. Those who want to enhance their artistic skills and creative talent are recommended to use this stone as it is believed to enhance your creative side. It also helps you clear out your confusion and give you a clearer mindset. Those who want to pursue their big aim in life can also take benefit from Amazonite as it gives you the required courage to help you pursue your ambitions in life. Become a more positive and optimistic person by keeping or wearing Amazonite. It will not only remove negativity from your mind and surroundings but will also help you overcome any sort of bad/negative feelings. In other words, using Amazonite you can receive aid in various areas of life - be it health, emotions, thoughts, expressions, or your career.

The benefits of Amazonite can be availed in the form of jewelry also. Amazonite silver jewelry is a great option to wear and use this stone. One can find beautiful Amazonite silver jewelry in the form of Amazonite rings, bracelets, pendants, and more. The refreshing and attractive green color of Amazonite looks indeed more beautiful when worked with silver. You can buy this jewelry online also from reliable online jewelry stores.

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