Where Can I Buy Good Quality Gemstones Online

By Gemexi Team | Featured Gemstone
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Where Can I Buy Good Quality Gemstones Online

The popularity of e-commerce is ever increasing. According to global stats, in the year 2017“ an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online” and if projections come true the numbers will only increase. People’s online buying habits are increasing so much that today they are not only buying electronics and clothes online but also precious and expensive items from popular online stores. The trend of buying quality gemstones online is on the rise and consumers are not hesitating about trusting online stores while buying precious and semi-precious stores.

However, in spite of the increasing popularity of online stores, it is important that you have a checklist before you shop for silver gemstones jewelry or gemstones online. It is important because there are numerous jewelry stores online and not all are authentic.

Things to Look Out for Before Buying Quality Gemstones Jewelry Online

  • Check on the Color Quality – One of the most important things to do while buying gemstones online is checking on the color quality of the gemstones displayed. You can do this by carefully reading the gemstone description and checking for inconsistencies. For example, the color blue and bluish green is not the same in gemstones. Gemstones are mostly differentiated by the different hues, tone, and saturation which mean that shades of the same color have varying effects on gemstones.
  • Price Against Gemstone Quality – While it is true that there are hardly any standard pricing systems for gemstones there are certain guidelines that every gemstone retailer follows while selling precious colored stones. Price of gemstones is almost always directly related to the quality of the stone. Colored gemstones are identified by their varying hues, shades, shapes, and hardness. There are other considerations as well. For example, a one-carat gemstone may cost $500 but the price of the same gemstone weighing 2 carats can shoot up to $2000 because a 2 carat stone is rarer than a 1 carat stone. Similarly, there can be varying other factors that determine the price of a gemstone. Thus while buying gemstones online, checking on the quality (and understanding the technical terms) is important.
  • Detailed Product Information –Looking for complete product information online is one of the best ways to find out more about a product. When you are buying jewelry online, it is important that you visit a website which gives detailed information about the gemstone jewelry. Information such as stone weight, size, color, shape etc. should be mentioned for gemstone jewelry on the online store.
  • Credible Seller –There is numerous website which sells fake gemstones but claims that they are authentic sellers. In the online marketplace consumers can be easily duped but if you are smart, you can distinguish between the credible and fake sellers easily. Credible sellers will always provide complete detail about themselves, from their physical address to email id and phone numbers. They will also have a clear returns policy, purchasing policy and secured payment gateways. Whenever you are buying jewelry online, do not forget to check this information about the company.
  • Selling Natural Gemstones – Gemstones can be artificially manufactured which look and feel as good as the naturally mined ones. But natural gemstones are more valuable because they have healing and metaphysical properties. It is advisable only to buy natural gemstones, especially if you want to be healed by gemstones. When buying online, remember to find out if the site is selling natural or artificially crafted gemstones.
  • Efficient Customer Service – Sometimes even after reading detailed information about a gemstone it becomes difficult to make a decision. This is when you need the help of an expert. Most jewelry and gemstones selling online stores have experts who are ready to answer your queries anytime. Efficient customer service helps in making an informed and assured choice. When you shop online make sure to chat with the customer service executives so that you can clear all your doubts beforehand. 


There are numerous online stores in India selling gemstones and silver gemstones jewelry. Gemexi.com is one of the most trusted online stores which sell over 250 natural gemstones and silver jewelry. They have a wide range of jewelry items at affordable rates and are undoubtedly one of the best places to buy natural gemstones online in India. 

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