Nuummite - A Sorcerer's Stone

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Nuummite - A Sorcerer's Stone

Nuuummite is a stone of the tremendous grounding and possess a combination of energies and fire of the storm and earth that’s why it is known as a stone for magicians. The mishmash f fiery powers and storm makes this talisman the dome of the potent elemental magic. This gemstone holds a powerful vibrational dynamism that enhances the fortune and luck. It too assists in expansion of the personal power with the strong psychic capabilities. This charm aids in protecting and cleansing the human aura for the negative vibes and energy.

Where is Nuummite found?

Nuummite is actually an aged gemstone which was originated about 3 billions of years ago that’s why it is very rare. However is found during the warm months only in Greenland.

Nuummite Color

An exclusive mixture of Anthoohyllite and Gedrite, Nuummite is a gorgeous charm. It is transmuted into the crystals of charcoal which appears to be gray or black in hue with the golden flashes. Although, Nuummite’slabradorescent effect includes various hues like blue, violet, green, yellow, red and orange.

Nuummite, not a Birthstone

Though,Nuummite is not a specific birthstone but anyone may try its magical powers and properties. For that it’s important to take an advice from the astrologer as they are the godof the gemstone related world.

Nuummite, not a Zodiac Stone

Well, Nuummite is not associated with any particular zodiac sign but still seek a recommendation from your astrologer if you wish to don it.

Benefits of Nuummite Gemstone

Proves to an effective talisman for regulation and production of insulin, Nuummite treats the diabetes also. It lowers down the sugar level of the blood and the blood pressure. It protects the owner from fainting and dizziness. It is also recommended widely for treating the disorders related to eyes, ears and central nervous system. It is also supposed to refreshing the increasing brain and mental perception.

The divinatory significance of Nuummite is for understanding the inner self. It too honorsthe Arabian god of death, destiny and time called Manat. Mainly it is believed for growing up the personal spirituality.

Nuummite assists its wearer by making him free from the attempted guidance and the inappropriate guard from the others. It permits the one to recognize his power and true abilities. It teaches to honor and respect the other and the self. By this gemstone, the owner sees within himself and the actuality he holds. 

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