Best and Worst Gemstones for Engagement Rings

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Best and Worst Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Gemstones as engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular the world over. Gone are the days when women would only want a diamond on her engagement, gone are the days when men could only impress the woman of his life with a diamond. Today most young couple acknowledges the value of other gemstones jewelry and how they can be perfect choices for one of the biggest days of their life. There are many things to consider while choosing an engagement ring.

  • Will you be wearing the ring on a regular basis or is the engagement ring going to be a token ring, to be worn on special occasions?
  • What are you looking for in an engagement ring – durability or specific color and type?
  • Is budget a major constraint while choosing an engagement ring?

It becomes important to have answers to the above questions simply because when you do not want a diamond for your engagement ring, you need to research well before making a choice. There are scores of engagement ring gemstones that may be perfect for your special day but it is important you know that there are both good and bad types of gemstones, especially as engagement rings.

Ways to Choose the Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond ring for your engagement is probably the easiest thing to do. That’s because diamonds are known to be the hardest gemstones and do not easily chip or break-off. But when you do not want a diamond for your big day and are looking for other gemstones, you need to know a few things about gemstones. Natural stones are measured on a hardness scale of 1 to 10 which is known as the Mohs Scale. Diamonds are known to be ‘forever’ mainly because on the Mohs Scale they rate a 10 which validates their hardness. Very few gemstones measure close to a perfect 10 but can be good alternatives for engagement rings. When you choose a gemstone as an engagement ring you must check its hardness on the Mohs Scale. A gemstone which is hard is durable, less prone to chipping and can be worn on a regular basis. On the other hand, if the gemstone isn’t hard enough, they cannot be worn every day.

Let’s take a look at the best and worst gemstones for engagement rings.

Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Ruby – Rubies are one of the best choices as engagement rings as they are considered timeless pieces. Rubies weight 9 on the Mohs Scale which means they are solid and long-lasting. Their bright red color further accentuates their beauty and they literally sparkle as the best silver gemstones jewelry

Sapphire – Sapphires are very common as engagement rings. On the Mohs, Scale Sapphires measure 9 which mean they are scratch proof and resistant. Sapphires are also popular because of their bright blue color which always shines and glimmers.

Aquamarine – Measuring a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale, Aquamarine are quite commonly used as engagement rings. Apart from being a hard and durable gemstone, Aquamarines are popular because of their unique aqua color.

Worst Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Pearl – Pearls make exquisite jewelry items but when it comes to something as long-lasting as an engagement ring, pearls are considered to be the worst choice possible. That’s because Pearls measure as low as 2 on the Mohs Scale and are one of the softest gemstones used for jewelry making.

Emerald – This is an example where good Mohs Scale score doesn’t ensure durability. Emeralds measure 8 on the Mohs Scale yet they are not ideal for engagement rings. Emeralds have many cavities and inclusions which are susceptible to chipping and cracking.

Opal – Opal measure merely about 5 on the Mohs Scale which makes them quite a soft gemstone. Though Opals are known to be beautiful, they are quite soft which can easily wear out when regularly used. While some scratches can be ignored because Opals are opaque in nature, subsequent scratches can make the gemstone weak.   

Engagement is a landmark event in life and you must carefully choose the ring you will wear. Coloured and natural gemstones are great choices but it is important to remember the above things so that your memories are safely stored forever!

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