Useful fashion tips for college girls

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  • Posted: Thursday, February 4, 2016
Useful fashion tips for college girls

Just got through a good college in the city? Or going to some other city to make a renowned Alma meter yours? Well, college is fun and exciting. There is a lot of excitement when you enter college especially when it is your first year. Even when you enter your second or third year of college I think the level of excitement continues to build up. A very important and crucial reason for this is that you get to wear so many different clothes. But, most of the girls forget that even though college is a place to flaunt your wardrobe, it is not a runway. Thus you need to keep your clothing practical and comfortable.

A nice dress, the right hair, the right makeup, and a smile are some of the most important things which every girl wishes to carry to her college. But, generally, the whole scenario is that every girl ends up waking up a few minutes before class and thus need to rush without having much time to work on her looks.

Thus, here are some useful tips for college girls who would help you in styling right and styling the best for your college.

1.Wear what fits you well


You should always wear what fits your body well. Never go for a dress which you love but does not really fit your body. This is the biggest blunder people make. Especially girls who are on a little healthy side should be very careful while picking up clothes for college. You will have plenty of options in terms of clothes. You just need to wisely choose your option according to the structure of your body.

2.Maintain healthy and clean nails


Nails are the part of the body which are often ignored by us girls. However, they need to be taken good care of. Make sure you keep them clean and well-trimmed. It is not necessary that you keep them painted always. Even if they are not painted, they would look good if they are clean and well-trimmed.

3.Choosing the right shoes


Shoes are very important for college-going girls. Given the fact that you would be spending a major portion of your day in college, it is important that the shoes you wear are right. Since you need to run from one class to another, your shoes should be super comfy. But, this does not mean that you need to compromise on your style. You just need to intelligently pair your shoes with your look for the day.

For instance, wearing boots with a dress would be the wrong choice. Similarly wearing heels with denim would be a blunderous mistake. You need to think practically and wisely.

4.The style in a variety of clothes


Do not just stick to simple jeans and t-shirts. Experiment a lot with your looks and style. Wear shorts, leggings, long shirts and everything that you can. Just keep one thing in mind that no matter what you wear it should not make you look out of place.

5.Accessorise in bright shades


You may avoid wearing bright shades but it would be a very good idea to carry bright accessories. Carry bright colored bags, clutches, etc. to look bright overall. It would not look too flashy also and would make your appearance bright and sparkling.

6. Polka is the latest trend


You must be thinking that polka is a thing of the past. But let me tell you that it is back and it is back with a bang. So, if you already have polka dresses bring them out, if not it is time to shop a few.

7.Wearing the crop tops


Crop tops look classy when styled properly. Team up your white or any light-colored crop top with a pair of light color denim. It will look super classy. You may also add a waistcoat or a jacket to it to make it look classier.

8. Keep experimenting with your hairstyle


A college is a place where every weird thing becomes the trend. So do not hesitate in experimenting with your hair. Keep changing it every now and then to break the monotony. You can try the elegant hairdos, or the fishtails or any other braid.

9. Keep the basics in your bag


It is very important to carry the basic things in your college bag always. These include wet wipes, some important medicines, a deodorant, a packet of safety pins and bobby pins, etc. Once you have these in place, you will feel safe always as you will have the ability to fix anything anywhere.

10. Keep changing your bags


Do not be boring by carrying the same bag to college every day. You can change it every fortnight or every 3 weeks. No need to worry if you do not have so many bags. There are ways of carrying the same bag in different ways.

For instance, you can change the whole look of a handbag by adding a cute little satin bow to it. Or you can add different bag charms to it to make it look a little different.

11.Weather appropriate wardrobe


The practical dressing is the most important thing for college-goers. Thus, you need to ensure that you wear clothes appropriate for the current weather. If it’s very cold, dress up accordingly so that you stay warm. If it’s the rainy season, always carry your umbrella. Health comes first and rests everything comes later.

12.Cheap accessories


Being college students you don’t really need to invest in expensive branded accessories. You may just pick up a few things from the flea market. You just need to know how to style the accessories right so that they look expensive. Also, don’t unnecessarily fill your drawers with accessories. Buy things that are essential and required. Don’t waste your pocket money, use it wisely. 

Follow these very useful tips to look your best in college and to enjoy every bit of it.



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