The Crop Tops Trend - Everybody Following

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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The Crop Tops Trend - Everybody Following

Huge trends of summer and spring season, Crop Tops are in fashion style and express a touch of sophistication with any staple. Crop tops always seem like they are mean to be followed in two warm seasons only, but this is not true. Even though, crop tops are extremely versatile and amazingly team up with other clothes and accessories, for any occasion and weather.

Well, somewhere this statement is a fact that crop tops are probably the most angst staple of summers. Although, this style is never ever going to be out of fashion, due to the acceptance of many popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian. On the other hand, many women have a hesitation, that crop tops don’t suits their body type. The most flattering summer piece that you can choose is crop tops, as it easily draws others' attention with their design and looks.

Pairing other staples with stylish crop tops will give you a look that will be ideal for any kind of occasion such as the party at your friend’s place, a professional event, marriage or night out with your friends. The most affable combination is a trendy crop top and a high waisted skirt, to make you look glamorous.

If you also hesitate in accepting this style, then we’re here to persuade you to try this style. We’ll suggest some combinations or pairing staples that will make your appearance more exciting with crop tops. Thus, this season makes it easier to endeavor this chic and tricky style statement:


Crop Top with High-waisted Skirt

This is one of the exhilarating combinations with a crop top and a stylish high waisted skirt, which is perfect for summers. This ensemble is much expressing the casual style as well as a comfortable combination, during those hot days.


Pencil Skirt with Crisply Cut Crop Top


Sharp, clean and tailored crop top with combined with a cool crop top discloses superior modernity with this appearance. The combo of staples has a propensity to function over femininity and the personality of women.


Long Crop tops with Denim


Crop tops come in numerous styles and sizes such as long, short or crisply cut. Therefore, crop tops with a bit length can be paired with your favorite denim that is high waisted, long chain necklace and flats. This style will add a little flair and sex appeal.


Professional look with Blazer and Crop tops


Wearing a crop top with a formal high waisted tailored pant will always give a great look, but if you’ll add a nice blazer with this style, then it will add some grace to your professional appearance. Your blazer should be slightly oversized, as it will incredibly be paired with a fitted, long crop top or even a turtleneck crop top. After following this styling, you’ll become the most fashion-forward person in your office.


Patterned Maxi Skirt with a solid colored Crop top


Pairing a solid colored crop top with a graceful maxi skirt will be an easy look for dressing up or down. Even though you can also be adding some statement jewelry with this look, it will add some glam to your personality. This style will make you feel comfortable and look stunning with the appealing colors that come in a wide range for maxi skirts.


Prep Crop tops with tailored shorts and shoes


If you want to acquire your favorite beach look, then pair chic tailored shorts and shoes with your modish crop top. Besides, this combination is also perfect for summer and spring season. Classic colors and appealing patterns of summer short would be the perfect glance of fashion.


Chic style with palazzo pants and crop top


Comfortable, sinuous and versatile, palazzo pants work amazingly with a crop top. You can also take this style to a new level while pairing your palazzo pants with a bustier top. This is believed to be an ideal look for any occasion in summers and spring.

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