Styling your favorite maxi dress

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Styling your favorite maxi dress

Maxi dress looks so gorgeous. The way the hem of the dress sways around my legs is just amazing.

But, not everyone knows how to style a maxi dress to make it look perfect. You must have seen women looking sloppy and shabby in a beautiful maxi dress too. This happens when you pick up a wrong maxi dress for yourself.

A lot of women relate the long dress with the formal and dressy occasions. However, it is not the same now days. It’s become acceptable and looks extremely stylish even on informal occasions. A long maxi dress looks chic, elegant and comfy.

However, to flaunt your maxi dress in the right way without being frumpy, you need to intelligently fashion it.

If you have the right accessories to go with your dress, you can pick a classy dress which looks chic and trendy.

Below are some of the most important pointers which you need to consider while looking for a long maxi dress:

  • For plus size
  • For petites
  • The print
  • The basics
  • The belt to go with it
  • The shoes to go with it
  • The styling ways


  1. For petites

In case you are short heighted, then your focus should be to not look bulky in a maxi dress. So, in contrast to the taller women who are also broad sometimes, you need to be very careful while picking up the maxi dress.

Tips to choose your maxi dress:

  • Fitting and snug


Most of the long dresses do not harmonize well with women of short height. They can actually swamp you and make you look even shorter. The catch here is to pick the style which is well cut. Thus you need to pick up a full length dress which fits snugly on your body. It needs to fit properly especially around your thighs and hips.

  • Go for a V neck to elongate your figure


The best part about V neck dresses is that it helps show a little skin. Thus, it will make you look tall and lean. V shape neckline is quite attractive.

Girls with a pear body are advised to widen their chest and shoulders visually. This is mainly because the maxi dress is long and thus you will have to balance it out in the right proportion.

  • Adding heels


To get extra height, you can wear either wedges or pumps or you can also go for high heels sandals.

  • Selecting the right print and detailing

As you will have less space to work with and a short height which would not be able to handle much of the fluff, it would be better to go for solids.

The dark and neutral shades such as brown, black, plumps, green, etc. help in making you look tall. However, the shades which look like your skin tone also work quite well for elongating your body structure.

Prints should be evaluated according to the structure of your body. You should try to avoid prints which are bold. In case you are petite, then you should pick up medium prints.

Slim and vertical prints as well as details would be best for you.

  1. For the plus size women

The maxi dresses are the best for plus size women since it helps in minimizing the large legs and hips.

Tips to pick up the right maxi dress

ü  Go for wide straps


A lot of plus size girls carry most of their weight around their upper arms which conceals their narrow shoulders.

Thus, if you wish to compliment the upper portion of your body then you should go for wide straps.


On the other hand, spaghetti stripes would only make your body look bigger.

  • Scaling the print

The large prints efficiently compliment the body structure much better than the small ones. However, the solid and dark shades like dark, green and black are the best to look slim.

In case you are a plus size woman, then you should go for med scale prints.

In case you have got bulky waist, then just place a dark shade belt around your waist to slim it down. This would give you a very balanced look and would also make you look lean.

  • V- neck

You can create a lean and vertical line look on your body with the V neck. If you will show off a little skin, you will look lean. The V shape neckline attracts the eyes.

  • The right fit

Hiding your structure in a loose fit maxi dress would just make you appear boxier. Thus, you should go for a dress which fits snugly on your body and does not cling.

  1. Selecting the right prints

The thumb rule while picking up a maxi dress is selecting the prints which are scaled for the size of your body. So, in case you’ve got a full figure body, then large prints would complement your structure without highlighting your curves.

In case you are skinner and petite, then small prints would be the best for you.


In case you are plus size and petite then you can go for large or med size prints provided they vertically stretch for creating a very lean line.

The women who have short height are quite easily inhibited by color blocking which makes them look wide as well as short.

Vertical and long prints would be perfect for slimming down and elongating any type of figure.

  1. Securing some of the most versatile styles

You would like to buy a maxi dress which can be easily mixed and matched and worn to any occasion.

Solid neutrals are the best in this regard. You can go for grey, black, white, beige, olive, navy blue, etc. as they would match up with everything and anything. In case you like flaunting accessories, then you can also accessorize your maxi dress. Accessories never clash with a maxi dress; in fact go perfectly well with it.

Go for long pendants, ear cuffs or chunky hand cuffs which would define your maxi dress perfectly.


In case you’ve got a classy style and prefer looking elegant and simple then you just need the simple, no fuss maxi dresses.

The solid brown or black maxi dress would be the best for you. White would be better for summers.

Other safe shades which would not attract too much attention and look flashy would be the earthy shades like purple, rust red, etc.

  1. Pairing the right shoes with the maxi dress

Since the length of a maxi dress is quite definitive, you actually do not have to go for the really trendy and voguish shoes. Instead, you can just pick up a pair which would highlight the dress even better.

So, you can go for strapped sandals in neutral shades and simple style which would suit your maxi dress the best.


You should never go for closed flats with your long dress as it would not really suit the whole look However, the peep toes and the strapped sandals would look perfect with it especially if you’re wearing it for a formal occasion.

Don’t even think of wearing boots with your long dress. They would just outdate the dress and nothing else.

If you are sporting your maxi dress to a more casual occasion, then go for peeping flats or the open flats like gladiator sandals. You can also go for a pair of nice heels.

  1. Defining your waist with a belt

Most of the long maxi dresses are loosely fit and they are quite capable of making your body look very boxy. To not let this happen, just belt your dress around the waist, below the bust. It will define your waist and not make you look bulky.

Belt also gives a new feel to the outfit as it makes you look chic and polished.

Usually, skinny belt looks much better on skinny people. But, in case you are med or large built, then you can go for a double thin belt.


You always need to bear in mind that the belt is capable of easily chopping your frame and making you look short as well as wide. Just avoid wearing light color which contrasts with your dresses’ color. If you are in doubt, just go for a brown or a black belt as it would trim your torso down visually.

  1. Wearing a maxi dress to a formal occasion

You may put your hands on the formal long dresses that are made with sheer and soft fabrics like chiffon or silk. They also need to have some detailing like pleats or a busty neckline which would make it dressy to suit perfectly for the formal occasion.


Just in case you want to wear the dress to special as well as casual occasions, then you just need to add some glamor to it by adding some bling to it. You can add a chunky neckpiece or a golden clutch to it. 

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