Style That Suits You - Chic Handbags

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Style That Suits You - Chic Handbags

Chic Handbags, is all about completing your styling with a modish touch. Of course, handbags are meant to carry your essentials, but they also serve as a fashionable staple. This accessory is the easiest way to show off your personality with in a stylish way and incorporating with the latest trends. These staples also make their place as one of the important part of an ensemble, while being a fashion accessory. You can choose any style that you want to carry, whether a new designer handbag that you would carry over your arm, or a classic piece that accessorize your appearance amazingly.

However, women’s handbags and purses have progressed as a status symbol with your voguish personality. Even though, celebrities also popular and spotted with their commendable expensive designer bags. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, you should emphasize your personality with a chic handbag that team up with your style as well as the frame of your body. There are number of handbags with many different styles and designs available in the market. Although, designer have also designed different styles that matches up with your body shape and dressing style, you can select any one of them, if you know better that which handbag will suit you.

Well, here we are with a useful handbag guide that will help you in incorporating a suitable staple into your dressing style and wardrobe:

Fancy Clutches


Whenever, we think about an evening bag, then only one style of handbag come up on our mind and i.e. clutches. Smart and strapless, clutches have the propensity to emphasize the grace of a cocktail dress. However, you can only carry your essentials like cash, lipsticks, cards and keys into these clutches. They are compact and modish, which you can easily carry by your hand or under the arm. The manifestation of clutches with sequins and delicate materials, make them an ideal accessory for a party outfit.


Sumptuous Tote Bag


The tote is the most stylish and versatile style of handbags that are large in size and make other bags look smaller in comparison. It is an open shaped square or rectangular bag that can be carried easily with straps or handles. This bag is designed to complete the purposes such as, the fashionable style and space. Tote handbags are perfect for anything such as shopping, airplane carrying or a gym bag; these tote bags will carry your essentials effortlessly.


Jazzy Baguette


Baguettes are one of the perfect relaxed staples that can be carried easily at your friend’s party, picnic or at night out with your closed ones. The little one strap and different styles of baguettes make this staple extremely popular accessory with a casual style.

Sleek Hobo Bag


The hobo bag is extremely popular among women, due to their space and style. The hobo bags are mostly referred as the queen of shoulder bags that looks casual and practical accessory which are shaped as crescent. These bags come in number of sizes, but large and medium sized bags are very popular. These handbags can be used for many occasions as per their styles like en evening party, shopping, trip or at your friend’s home.

Explicit Satchel


Classic, convenient and come in number of sizes, satchel handbags looks sophisticated with your professional appearance. With two short handles on top and flat at the bottom, these hand held handbags team up with your personality amazingly. Satchel handbags have snaps, zippers, buckles or drawstrings, which is add on to this handbag.

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