Stay in vogue with a blanket scarf for the winters!

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Stay in vogue with a blanket scarf for the winters!

Winters are expected to be comfortable in the clothing. Everyone wishes to avoid too much layering that is even not snug and soft. Apart from all your warm yet fashionable winter wears, a blanket scarf is something that is not to be missed.

Learn some simple ways in which you can carry yourself with the vibrant colored blanket scarf.

A Simple Triangle Wrap

Fold the blanket scarf diagonally. Put its center in front and tie the two ends around your neck. Go stylish with a different look with the triangle wrap. Finish the look with a large tote and cats eyewear.


Just Drape

Fold the blanket scarf lengthwise to make it neat and clean fold. Consider the thickness you like. Drape it around the shoulders or neck, any way you like it. Team it with your sneakers.


Twist it, Round it

Fold the blanket scarf lengthwise till the thickness that suits you. Now fold it half the widthwise. Take it around your shoulder and cross the open ends from the folded loop end. A new style to carry.


Regular Scarf Style, Bunch it up

Simply bunch up the blanket scarf. Wrap it around your neck, keeping very short at one end. Start looping the longer end around the neck and tuck it up in the loop itself. Wear it with your high rise denim, boots, and a trendy fitted jacket.


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