Ruby, Quintessential Valentine Day's Present

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Ruby, Quintessential Valentine Day's Present

The most romantic day of the year is Valentine day and the most amazing gift to be gifted to a beloved is Ruby. Ruby is the perfect gem as it is the queen of all gems as well as symbolize love. Rubies too radiate emotions as well as share the loving energy with the romantic mate. Ruby too encourages the feelings of sanguinity along with the protective aspect.

The world finest rubies that are untreated are rare to find, and then the value of the ruby has risen. Ruby is a highly valued gift for your loved one being presented. The deep scarlet hue of the rubies speculated it to one of the finest and recognized as the “Pigeon’s blood”.

ruby pendant

Recent trends indicate that multi-faceted rubies have been incising looking like beads, just to put on the pinnacle of another to fabricate resplendent tassels. Ruby with diamond pendant earrings is the latest vogue that comes in the shape of dripping with grape like a gem.

An incongruous Ruby as well as diamond adornment taps into the fashion for symmetry less jewelry that bump up this pattern as a high jewelry status. World’s largest jewelry stores too use this precious stone in the dresses as they are the epitome, the paradigm of romance.

ruby pendant

Ruby too contemplates as a stone that romanticize the aura of the person wearing this. The demand, as well as the craziness of the ruby, can be seen in the various designs of the jewelers. Moreover, unitary of the famous jewelry store Orlov’s designs that cost €4 million signifies the desire of ruby in the accessories. The labyrinthine lace design of Orlov’s showcases 12.00 carat oval ruby embedded with Asscher Cut diamonds along with Burmese rubies and this presents the love of people towards these beautiful blood red love rubies.

Orlov Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Orlov's Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Further, the desire to wear ruby can be noticed by the collection of Greek financier Dimitri Mavrommatis, who crafted 8.62 carat Graff ruby ring on the occasion of Valentine. Ruby’s trend is setting a world highest selling price record in the chronicle of the precious gems. In an auction at Sotheby's Geneva, Ruby was sold for $8.6 million.

Dimitri Mavrommatis Graff Ruby Ring

Dimitri Mavrommatis's Graff Ruby Ring

Celebrates too showed their love for rubies along with green and pink diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor's wore the most awe-inspiring necklace that is set with Cartier diamond and ruby that was sold at an auction for $3,778,500 in 2011.

Elizabeth Taylors La Peregrina Necklace

Elizabeth Taylor's La Peregrina Necklace

Swiss luxury watch brand,  DeLaneau Rondo too display’s its collection of watch that holds a Ruby heart in white gold, further the steps are set with rubies and diamonds.

De Laneau Rondo Collection Ruby Watch

DeLaneau Rondo Collection Ruby Watch

Cartier, Royal collection creation begins with a stone Ruby as it fabricates a Reine Makéda ruby necklace of 15.00 carat choker-style necklace in 2014 that contains Mozambique ruby of oval shape with ruby beads and diamonds.
Rubies with their seductive, rich red color have enthralled and engross the human race for centuries. The red of ruby signifies the power of life and is furthermore treated as a talismanic stone.

Reine Makeda Ruby Necklace in Choker Style

Reine Makeda's Ruby Necklace in Choker Style

The greatest personality of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor a gem lover always adores Ruby for its captivating eminence.

Elizabeth Taylor Cartier Ruby Necklace

Elizabeth Taylor's Cartier Ruby Necklace

The value of the fabulous gem of the planet earth, Ruby has risen in the few years to the dizzying heights. Atelier Zobel, a jewelry store of Germany showed the mystery of rubies in its designs that expose the tuck of red layers in ruby that coalesces with organic gold or diamonds.

Atelier Zobel Ruby Ring in Gold and Silver with Green and Pink Diamonds

Atelier Zobel's Ruby Ring in Gold and Silver with Green and Pink Diamonds

The love for Ruby can too be seen in the Hollywood stars when they wear in events. Ruby is a unique jewelry that too captures the romance by retaining love. Valentine Day holds the glow as well as the radiance of the ruby in the air and the jewelry designs for a gift to a romantic mate.

Aurélie Bidermann, a designer, too designs ruby and diamond Big Apple pendant in yellow gold for the special Valentine day occasion. Jewelry has always been speculated as a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but these days ruby in gems holds the upper hand.

Aurelie Bidermann Big Apple Ruby and Diamond Pendant

Aurelie Bidermann's Big Apple Ruby and Diamond Pendant

In all the designs Ruby is used to showcase the love of a partner for each other. Ruby is considered by many to be the ultimate romantic gift.

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