Rock The Look - Wear Crop Tops Like a Star

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Rock The Look - Wear Crop Tops Like a Star

Every season the fashion magazines reveal the latest fashion trends. Unfortunately, not everything that’s ‘in fashion’ can be worn by the average, office-going or college-going girl. However, there are certain styles that simply need to be ‘tweaked’ a little so that anyone and everyone can wear them on a regular basis. Crop tops are definitely one of those fashion statements that though have been doing the rounds for decades hadn’t really found a place in a common girl’s wardrobe. Most women have singular problems with the crop top – it reveals too much. ‘I don’t have a toned body to carry a crop top”, “I am not comfortable flashing so much skin”, “It’s not the perfect outfit for work” – are some of the common excuses women make for not wearing the crop top. Such hesitations are not completely unfounded. When you have literally grown up seeing Madonna sizzle in a crop top, self-doubt is natural. It is also difficult to imagine yourself in it when in the 1990s teen sensations Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera wore them most of the time, at least on their music videos. The truth of the matter remains that you need a perfect hourglass figure to wear the quintessential crop top.

Crop tops have initiated a mixed response from women folks this season. For some, they are the worst fashion statements to make a comeback. Their reasons for such argument are that crop tops reveal too much and hide too little. A few others also show their anger at the dress because for them it’s just a ‘red carpet thing’. Surprisingly there are also quite a few women who are swearing by the crop top and in fact making this polarizing garment one of the most popular wears for summer 2015. These women are simply wearing the garment in a way that lifts their confidence and yet doesn’t show too much skin (for those who like to keep things modest). These women say that since they are not walking any red carpet nor are under the media glare, they have the liberty to wear them just the way they want. But does it mean they are making changes in their lifestyle to fit the dress on their wardrobe? Not necessarily. For one thing, these women are not altering their diet nor are they compromising on their style.

As it turns out, crop tops are one of the most versatile lines of clothes in recent times. You can wear them short, you can wear them long, you can pair them with overalls, you can knot them up – basically do a whole lot of things. Let’s take a look at some of the cool ways to wear a crop top.

  • With High-Waist Bottoms


If you don’t want to show too much skin, team the crop top with high-waist bottoms. This combination ensures that you only have a glimpse of your skin on display.


  • Opting For a Voluminous Midi


When you team a crop top with a bright-colored voluminous midi, it takes the attention away from the top. That way it also ensures less skin show.


  • Longer Crop Tops


You will easily find crop tops that are slightly longer in length. If you are just trying out this garment, start by wearing these longer ones.


  • Keep The Sleeves On


Another way to hide your discomfort of revealing too much skin is wearing a long-sleeved crop top. The long sleeves add balance to these short tops.


  • Loose Fitted Crop Tops


If you are uncomfortable wearing the tightly-fitted crop tops, you can opt for the baggier ones. They look really cool when paired with a midi-skirt or jeans.


  • Tie It Up


This trick is for times when you are unsure of how a crop top will look on you. Wear any top you already have and tie it up on the front to give a DIY-crop top look.


  • Fake It


This trick proves that fashion really has no boundaries. If you have a top that slightly shorter than a regular one, you can easily pass it as a crop top. The best part is you do not reveal anything unless of course your arms are raised!


  • The High and Low Combo


Wear a crop top that is short in the front and long in the back. This ensures more coverage and less show.


  • Pair Them with Culottes


Culottes and crop top probably make the best pair, though the combination tends to get a little daring at times. Culottes give a loose silhouette that works wonders for the crop top.


  • Matching Top and Bottom


This is definitely a combination of the daring ones and those who are really comfortable wearing short crop tops.

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