Repossi, a Leader of the Fine Fashion Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Repossi, a Leader of the Fine Fashion Jewelry

Right away with the start of the new century, new designers are bringing fashion and jewelry trends to the new high. Repossi, Lito along with Maria Black, Noor Fares as well as Loree Rodkin are some of the big jewelry fashion houses in the world of gem designing. These brands create the inventions that are unique to wear; the creation sometimes may be cheered by the antique or the past era but with elegance and distinctiveness of its own.

Gaia Repossi, a creative director of the company Repossi, took up her household business to showcase her skills. She manifests her talent in designing the exceptionally new designs inspired by those things that are barely considered valuable in the creation of fine jewelry. Gaia took her first stride on this undiscovered path to dispense the constructive light in the jewelry world. Repossi by creating knuckle duster for females that are covered with the layer of shimmering diamonds becomes a champion of this new undiscovered road.

repossi diamond jewelry

Gaia Repossi cites the charming and rich architecture as a source of inspiration that leads the firm to win the unseen race with the jewelry trend. But Repossi is not the only jewelry house who is running in the race to create more artistic designs by using directional furthermore geometric patterns.

repossi geometric pattern jewelry

Los Angeles, based on jewelry designer, Loree Rodkin is too renowned for her prominent designs. Her visionary approach leads her to the platform where she can craft her design for the leading personalities of the cosmos. She crafted the jewelry for Michelle Obama and was fatigued by her in the year 2009 at the inaugural ball.

michelle obama wearing loree rodkin jewelry

The designs that were inspired by the medieval era rock the jewelry world. Her designs were hit and are most desired by the A-list Hollywood luminaries.

Noor Fares, a young designer based in London, believes in creating something meaningful. Her generosity can be seen in her designs that hold the emotional connection. The sculptural jewelry chiefly motivates the personal touch in her creations. The inspiration is from the talismans along with the good luck charms that add meaning to life. Fares in her designs use the metal like bronze and material ebony with diamonds to present the hidden protective ability of the creations. Her creations contain lucky motifs as well as protective eye, as they are the voice of the Lebanese heritage, a place from where she belongs.

noor fares diamond earrings

noor fares star earrings


Lito Karakostanoglou too joins the race of the creative and fashionable designs in the world of fine jewelry. She learned sculptural and technical drawing before entering into the clientele of the jewelry designing. Lito portrays the Greek civilization in her creations as she applies the reference of the Greek architecture. She fabricates charismatic geometric patterns in her designs that are too adorned with the white or Kaleidoscopic diamonds.


lito diamond pendant necklace

lito diamond ring


lito tu es partout pendant necklace


A collection of Kenzo, a French luxury house and the solicitation of another French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier along with Lito are the most enthralling. The new thinking brings the new wave in the sea of jewelry designing. In the earlier days, designers were loved to use non-fine materials in their intentions, merely the latest tendency of using geometric patterns constructs a new ladder of success in the course.

Maria Black with her new launch of the fine jewelry steps the ladder of success furthermore raises up the level for others. She launches her aesthetic collection and her signature designs made of gold and diamond.


The incongruous designs are delicate but modern, sets standards for the designers to come up with new patterns or strokes year by year. The designs of one season mark the signature for the particular year and motivate the designers to create something better next season passionately.

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