Professional Style - Staples That You Should Not Wear to Work

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Professional Style - Staples That You Should Not Wear to Work

Sometimes, we got confused while selecting an appropriate dressing style for your work. But, every women wants to get noticed with its fashion and dressing style, even during her working hours. Although, without knowing the better professional style, women select some particular staples that can make them look outmoded.


If you headed towards your work, you prefer to wear something that look chic, but in a formal way. Including some of the special staples, unique shapes and snazzy accessories to your professional dressing, will make it pretty much possible for your heads and colleagues, to magnetize their attention towards your looks. Therefore, adding those unique staples to your wardrobe would make it suitable for professional appearance as well. Although, before selecting these amazing staples, you need to consider some basic fashion tips, whether you are heading towards the casual dressing or formal appearance. This is the fact that some unique staples would make look snazzy during your working hours and some staples would make your appearance passé. Here are some of the staples that you should not carry with your formal style or that would make your appearance outmoded:

1. Body Con Dresses


Wearing body con dresses to your work, would make your co-workers conscious, as these dresses is a bold statement of self-esteem and bodice, which is not a suitable staple for an office look.

2. Steep Clothing


A thin t-shirt, a gossamer blouse or a transparent dress or skirt is just not the right dressing that is suitable for your professional appearance. Your office attire should be sophisticated enough, that would not make you conscious in front of your colleagues.

3. Sneakers


Pairing sneakers with your office attire is not appropriate for all office environments, as it does not go with the fashion. Even though, in some of the offices there is a strict no-sneaker policy.

4. Hat


Adding a hat to your dressing would send a very unprofessional vibe that is not appropriate for the office environment. Your bad hairstyle or hair dressing does not matter to your professional look; the only thing that matters is appropriate staples.

5. Flip Flops


Flip Flops is something that would never be appropriate for a professional environment. The number of employed Americans decided not to wear flip flops to their work. We all know that flip flops is more comfortable as compare to heels, but it the fact that fashion really matters.

6. Hot Pants


Hot Pants are not at all suitable staple for professional look, as it never works well with your formal style. This is one of the staples that would make you look amateurish during your working hours.

7. Cut-off Shorts


Pairing your denim cut-off pants with some trendy tops and t-shirts is a smart way to express your style, but wearing it at your workplace does not look professional at all. On the other hand, a pair of jeans would be suitable for your office environment as compare to curt-off shorts.

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