Prodigious Launch of Swimsuit Edition - Victoria's Secret 2014

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Prodigious Launch of Swimsuit Edition - Victoria's Secret 2014

This week, Victoria’s Secret reportedly set a launch of a phenomenal swimsuit edition at the Annual Fashion Show. This filming of swimsuits was held in multiple locations, including eastern and northeastern Puerto Rico. According to the Fox News Latino, the Victoria’s Secret was planning to put on air this exceptional edition of swimwear in over 190 countries and in front of 120 million viewers. This filming has also taken a cosmic place at the website of Victoria’s Secret. Not only the viewers have enjoyed the moment with hottest models, but they also get the sneak peek at the warm beaches in Puerto Rico. This was a learning experience for both men and women who are snooping.

The islands of Vieques and Palomino in Puerto Rico is the location for the filming of this ultimate swimsuit edition with a huge budget of 2 million dollars.

“Something big is Coming” is the insightful thing that has expressed through the Victoria’s Secret, by posting some sunny snaps of models at their Instagram accounts.

Want to check out this fantastic swimsuit edition?

Then have a look at this eye-catching and check out how they have created the sexiest night with looks inspired with amazing themes of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014:


1. Glided Angels


These Victoria’s Secret angels comprise glittering touch in their gold saturated wings. Adding crystals studded bodice and exaggerated touches made the viewers feel attracted to the edition.


2. University of Pink


Animal prints, colorful patterns and designs, flunkey parkas and bold colored wings with defacement were the details of this amazing theme. The runway proves to be wild with the tremendous pattern and design of this collection.


3. Exotic Travelers


Exotic Travelers collection reflects the cultures that ram the runway of Victoria’s Secret with their vivacious colors. Exceptional textures and adorned glittering baubles were some add on to this conventional assortment.


4. Fairy Tale


Fairy Tale theme comprises romance, delicate creations in down-to-earth tones and wings with the shimmering ethereal patterns. With the earthy tones of top touches and corsets proves the theme approved.


5. Dream Girl


The playful appearance and push up silhouettes, made this edition astonishing, comprising delightful patterns. The hot models were mesmerizing with the all puff palette appearance.


6. Angel Ball


This theme pulls out the seductive glamour which was the center of attraction with its luxurious black and white touch. Completing the looks with elaborative wings, bold bodices, delicate details of beads and straps, was the marvelous touch of this theme.

During the filming of last year’s edition, in New York, the stage was blown out when Candice wore the famous Royal corset worth 10 million dollars. Furthermore, this year the stage was standing out with the walk of Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, wearing an eminent version of lingerie which worth 2 million dollars each.

We have no word for this royal swimwear edition designed majestically according to some astonishing themes!

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