Princess Diana's Versace Gown Auctioned for $200,000

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Princess Diana's Versace Gown Auctioned for $200,000

The beloved Princess Dianawas loved for many reasons. One of those reasons definitely was and remains that she had an impeccable style which was loved and adored by one and all. In her role as the Royal Princess, and even later, Princess Diana was always seen in dresses and gowns that complemented her figure and made her look all the more gorgeous.

No doubt that if she was loved so dearly, how much would her dresses be loved even now. Recently one of her gowns that had been personally designed by Gianni Versace went on sale at an auction. The Versace gown was a body-hugging silk gown which had beautifully embellishments with gold studs and colourful glass beads, was quite a showstopper. When this dress was made by Versace, it was believed to be estimated at $80,000.

When this beautiful gown went for auction who would have thought that someone would want it so badly that they would be willing to shell out as much as $200,000! The final auction price is not simply staggering but also crazy considering the fact that the bidding had begun at $30,000.


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