Pick Perfect Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Pick Perfect Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

Spending lots of time in front of TV screens or laptops, results that many folks need glasses these days. Some of the people do not feel comfortable in wearing glasses, as they think that eyeglasses does not go with the trend. It is true, that eyeglasses make you look different, but it does not mean that it is not in trend or makes you look worse. You can even stay in style with wearing some exclusive eyeglasses that suits you and your personality.

In ancient times, glasses were considered as weird things, of what we call spectacles, but nowadays the glasses trend is most popular among the youngsters. Do not ever think that a pair of eyeglasses will make or break your style.

Choosing right pair of glasses, which suits your style and personality is a huge task. There are numerous factors based on your selection for a trendy pair of eyeglasses, including your personality, such as your skin color, your style, size and material, but the most important factor is your face shape. Selecting eyeglasses according to your face shape can be fun.


Most of the people fall into five basic shape categories, and here are some easy tips that will help you in choosing perfect glasses fits amazingly with your face shape and persona:


Square Faces


Those who comprise square faces have a sturdy jaw line, extensive forehead and a square shaped chin. Even though, the width and length of the face are proportional. Hence, oval and round shaped frame would be perfect with their square face shape. But be sure that the selected frames do not contain hard lines, as it will make a boxlike appearance to your face.  Oval and round shaped frames will help you to mitigate your face features.


Heart Shaped Faces


Those, who are with thin chin, as compare to their forehead fall into this category. People with heart shaped faces are required to find appropriate eyeglasses that balance the width of their face. Diminish the width of the forehead, by selecting those frames which can help one to widen at the bottom or the chin, would be a great idea for choosing appropriate eyeglasses. Therefore, square, rectangle or upswept eyeglasses are perfect with your heart shaped face. You can also consider rimless glasses, it will help your to enhance your face cut.


Oblong Faces

This face shape is considered as the most flexible one, which comprises more length than the width. Those, who are with narrower chin, as compare to their forehead, falls in this category of face shape. Oblong faces people need to go with those eyeglasses that are larger in size, which help them to diminish the length of their face. Avoid those frames which might derange the features of your face. Thus, square and rectangular shaped eyeglasses would work well with your oblong face.


Round Shaped Faces


The faces that have bursting cheeks and curved lines fall into this category. The width and length of this shape faces are in same proportions and do not comprises any angle. People think that rectangular shaped frames can team up better, but we suggests that slightly curved edges will perfectly work with round faces. To emphasize the roundness of your face, you should choose frames with very callous angles. Eyeglasses with high angles will also add some style to your personality.

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