Nicki Minaj Hints at Engagement, Leaves Fans at Frenzy

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  • Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Nicki Minaj Hints at Engagement, Leaves Fans at Frenzy

Celebrities love to tease their fans, don’t they? Once again we saw how a certain celebrity hinted and yet didn’t reveal about her personal life leaving fans to simply wonder and speculate. And speculate the fans did. Recently rapper-singer Nicki Minaj posted a picture on her Instagram profile hinting on a possible engagement with boyfriend Meek Mill. Though Minaj didn’t say so in as many words, the indications simply pointed towards such a possibility.

Minaj posted a photo of her wearing a white and yellow heart-shaped diamond ring on her left ring finger. The picture was captioned differently and definitely interestingly. The singer took the help of emoticons such as yellow hearts, a ring, and a loved-up smiley face to say what she had to say.


A few hours after teasing her fans in such a manner, the 32-year-old left a message on Twitter. This time she wrote “I’ll post it later” along with emoticons of ring and diamond. Did she keep her promise? She did by sharing a close-up of her new ring on Instagram.

But this isn’t the first time any rumor regarding her relationship with Mill floated on social media. The ‘Super Bass’ star had earlier taken the help of Instagram and had posted a photo of herself with boyfriend Mill. They were apparently enjoying a night out. She even captioned the picture and wrote – “those Miami nights”.

As Minaj’s fan wonder what these posts really indicated, an insider to all the events told a popular online fashion magazine that the ‘much-in-love’ couple are seriously heading towards the altar. The source revealed that Minaj and Mill have been spending a lot of quality time recently and have got very close to each other in the past few months. The source didn’t hesitate to even say that even if things are moving a little too fast, “they truly love each other”.


Minaj herself did open up to a section of media that she looks forward to becoming a bride someday. “I definitely will be married before I have my baby”, she told. “I’ve always felt like that since I was young; my mother always put that in my head”, she said. She even went ahead to confess that by the time she has released her fifth album (and she already has three albums under her belt), she “will have walked down the aisle”. Her plans for having babies also seem to be quite a in place. She said that by her fifth album, her baby one would be on the way and even be possibly ready for baby number two.

The Trinidadian-born American singer was earlier in relation with record producer Safaree Samuels which went on for 12 years but they spilled in 2012. And since then Minaj and Mill have quite been inseparable. Last February she confessed that she has been friends with Mill for a long time and contradicted what media reports suggested that their friendship was recent. She even said that Mill’s been with her when she was going through a lot.


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