Necklines Glossary - Choose Appropriate Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Necklines Glossary - Choose Appropriate Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

Sometimes we have observed, some brides wearing a wedding dress that is not complementing their body or appearance, or we can say that the dress isn’t right fitting. It is the fact that every woman has different characteristic, in terms of their body shape, facial features and their fashion style. But when it comes to choosing their wedding dress, they got confuse in finding the appropriate wedding gown that flatters their looks.

It is very likely to make all the difference between a bride’s look that compliments her figure and facial features, and this can be acquired with a suitable neckline. The neckline of a wedding gown plays an important role, in making and breaking the bride’s overall appearance. Moreover, necklines are one of the parts of a wedding dress that accentuates bride’s less than perfect parts. Therefore, before choosing the right style of your wedding dress or the neckline, consider the following points vigilantly:

  1. Your body shape
  2. Your bust size
  3. Accessories you would like to wear
  4. Your hairstyle

Consequently, considering these points would help you to choose the right outfit for your wedding dress that would make you appear taller, slimmer and gorgeous. There are various necklines that complements your style according to your body shape, hence below are some examples of popular necklines which would help you in choosing your wedding dress for your important day:

1. V-neck


V-neck is one of the most common necklines that you will see on many wedding gowns, as this neckline flatters many body types. V-neck can be range from modest to sexy; as it completely depends on how revealing you want your dress to be. Even though, this neckline can also complement your backside, with its dip down feature.

This V-neck dress is perfect for those who comprise hourglass shape, since V-neck can enhance your cleavage and shows off your curves. V-neckline is very flexible as it can works well with any sleeve length from sleeveless to long sleeves.

2. Square Neck


This type of neckline is shaped like a half square that gives a sophisticated glimpse to your appearance. A straight horizontal bodice with straps is something this neckline embraces.

This type of neckline is suitable for those women, who would like to shows off their cleavage modestly. Therefore, if you want to create a classy look, then pair square shaped neckline with your spaghetti straps or long sleeves wedding dress.

3. U-shaped or Scoop Neck


Like V-neck, this neckline also falls under the category of most common necklines. If you want to show off your sex appeal with your wedding gown, then this neckline would be perfect for your wedding dress. Since, scoop necks are so versatile, therefore it works amazingly with any style of wedding dress. Whether, you have selected a long sleeves dress or sleeves less.

4. Asymmetric or one-shoulder neck


With a single strap, coming across the front can be used to feature this one shoulder neckline. This type of neckline is tending to emphasize your collarbone with its amazing detailing. If you have broad shoulders, then asymmetric is not an ideal neckline for you. Moreover, adding flowers to the strap would highlight you the look of your wedding dress.

5. Off Shoulder Neckline


To emphasize your shoulders and collarbone, off shoulder neckline is perfect to choose for your wedding dress. Generally, this type of neckline looks fabulous on all body types, especially on those who possess pear shaped body. The soft scoop from one side of the shoulder to the other will accentuate your dressing. Although, if you comprise broad shoulders, then you should avoid this type of neckline, as it would heighten up them more.

6. Sweetheart Necklines


The top of this neck shows half of the heart that is most commonly paired with strapless dresses. Even though, it would work amazingly with long sleeves as well. Those who have large bust size should go for this type of neckline to enhance their appearance on her wedding day. Sweetheart necklines support busts and controls exposure with its detailing and help you to highlight your décolletage.

7. Boat Neck or Bateau


Followed by a curve at the collarbone, this wide neckline looks amazing with variety of sleeve lengths wedding gowns. Bateau neckline is tending to boost the bust as it is considered a perfect neckline for brides who have flat breasts. Conversely, busty women should avoid this type of neckline for their wedding dress.

8. Halter Neck


Featuring straps that wrap around the back of the neck, this halter neckline looks sophisticated on taller women as well as those with broad shoulders. With its flexibility, this neckline can easily be paired with square or V-neck. Halter neck looks perfect on those brides who have well toned upper arms; besides this neckline accentuate some body parts including neck and shoulders.

On the other hand, women who have slender shoulders should avoid choosing this option for their wedding dress.

9. High Neck with Embellishments


To create classic and formal look on your wedding day, try a high neckline with jewel embellishments. These types of neckline works well for those women who embrace undersized breasts, as high neck enhances the chest area and make you look bustier.

10. Strapless Neck


This neckline expresses the bodice without any support of straps or sleeves. Strapless neckline comes in number of designs like cut out straight, along with a notch detail, slightly curved from sides or side peaks.

These necklines are perfect for those who have nice shoulders and collarbones, and well toned arms. One of the most popular options for busty brides, strapless necklines complements their overall appearance.

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