Mara Hoffman Turns Versace's Miami Mansion as Runway for Resort Swim 2016 Collection

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Mara Hoffman Turns Versace's Miami Mansion as Runway for Resort Swim 2016 Collection

Miami Swim Week has been for a long time one of the most sought-after events in the fashion world. But after its longtime organizer IMG decided to walk out of the event, many brands chose to move away from the swim week as well.


Naturally, there was a lot of confusion as to what would be the future of the celebrated Swim Week. Designers seemed equally confused on how and where to showcase their yearly collection.


One designer who didn’t seem to be fettered by the events was Mara Hoffman who turned it into the perfect opportunity for showcasing her swimwear collection in a more exotic location. She chose well because she chose Casa Casuarina, the Miami Mansion that was previously owned by Gianni Versace.


Hoffman said while speaking to the invited media at the poolside after-party that, “It was sort of a change-or-die moment for us, either do something completely different or don’t come back.” The event was attended by many from the industry, like her friends Mia Moretti, Ben Pundole and Kelly Framel.


Coming to what was displayed at the collection it was quite evident from the first glimpse of the poolside that Hoffman had explored the mansion properly before choosing the poolside.The collection, by Hoffman’s own admission, was Marrakesh inspired and the designer made ample use of bold prints, cut-out one-piece suits, kaftans and drapes.“For this collection, I was sort of channeling the whole Yves Saint Laurent thing when he was living in Jardin Majorelle in Morocco,” she also admitted.


The Marrakesh's inspiration was evident everywhere the eyes went. From the ceramic pottery that was used as drapes to rugs spread over the 24-karat-gold mosaic ceramic tiles, the scene was exotic.


And when such a picturesque setting was filled with models wearing designer swimsuits, everything seemed complete. “I went to Marrakesh over the holidays and was so inspired—I came home with 16 rugs,” Hoffman said.


Mara Hoffman is not quite done after the launch of this swimsuit collection. Her hands her full giving final touches to her ready-to-wear line and her new active-wear collection.

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