Loeffler Randall Launches New Range of Outerwear

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Monday, August 24, 2015
Loeffler Randall Launches New Range of Outerwear

Loeffler Randall, a designer who till now worked primarily on handbags and footwear, recently showcased her diversified interests by launching a fashionable range of coats for women. She said that being a woman first and a designer later, she felt the need to fill her wardrobe with clothes she exactly wanted. She had wanted to have a cheetah-print fur coat for a long time and that was reason enough for her to start designing one.




The CFDA awardee, who has till now been known more as the cool-girl-shoe resource person for over a decade now, displayed the chic outerwear. The range included leopard-print toppers in long, body-skimming and shorter baseball-style cuts and reversible and shearling-lined motorcycle jackets. During the launch event, Randall said that her clean subtle-statement style translated into the cuddly, spot-on jackets. “These coats are the ones I want to wear this season,” she added.


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