Kate Hudson Turns Into A Ballerina For Jimmy Choo's Fall Campaign

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2015
Kate Hudson Turns Into A Ballerina For Jimmy Choo's Fall Campaign

Kate Hudson is one of Hollywood’s most adorable actresses. But did you know that is she also an accomplished dancer? This was just one of the few things we learnt about her while she was shooting for the latest fall campaign for Jimmy Choo.


Yes, she is the face of Jimmy Choo’s latest advertisements for which she has turned into a ballerina. No prizes for guessing that Hudson as a pretty ballerina that too wearing shoes from one of the world’s best manufacturers can only mean scintillating images.


All the pictures for the campaign have this dreamy feel in them as you can see Hudson in some super-sexy tie-up heels, ankle booties and some trusted flats. Of all the shoes that are on display, we are pretty sure the ankle booties will become a hot favorite for all our celebrities very soon, just wait and watch!


Speaking to a section of the press while shooting for the Jimmy Choo campaign, Hudson recalled her childhood days when her mother Goldie Hawn would take her for dance classes. In fact, the actress recalled that she literally grew up dancing. Her mother had put her in dance classes when she was just three years old and she continued to learn ballet till she was 12, after which she was allowed to take up other dance forms. Her mother, she recollected, was very strict and disciplined in these matters and thus Kate was never allowed to skip class. As she recollected those days, she understood the value of discipline which laid a strict foundation and helped her become what she is today.


In fact it also turns out that Kate’s mother was also the reason how the pretty actress acquired her style sense. She spoke of a particular day when as a little girl, Bob Mackie made her a package of little sequin bow pins in different colors. Whoever she would go to his studio, she’d feel she was in a little fashion world!  


No wonder her pretty childhood, those fairy-tale like episodes must have played a role while she became the high-class ballerina for Jimmy Choo.

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