JLO Appears in Endless Jewelry Campaign, Advert Appears In Airline Mag

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015
JLO Appears in Endless Jewelry Campaign, Advert Appears In Airline Mag

Jennifer Lopez recently appeared in the print adverts of Endless Jewelry, a brand that’s fast reaching new markets. The Endless Jewelry ad appeared in the popular airline magazine American Way’s back cover.

According to Jesper Nielsen, founder, and CEO of Endless Jewelry, the brand has in a short span of time succeeded in reaching newer markets and becoming a global brand. The brand has already entered 21 markets, the latest being New Zealand, he revealed. Nielsen also told a section of the media that by advertising in inflight magazines, the brand is being able to reach multiple markets at the same time while targeting business travelers and consumers.


“We are building an Endless brand and create awareness through a wide range of channels, events, and activities. By cooperating with American Airlines for the rest of 2015, we reach a potential of 16 million passengers on more than 200,000 flights a month,” he said.

The advertisement placed at the back cover of American Way is the first amid the nine monthly Endless advertisements to run with the popular American Airlines. The brand already has plans to advertise in other inflight magazines with other big airlines soon. 

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