Jewels That Sparkled At Cannes 2015

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  • Updated On Jul 27, 2022
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Jewels That Sparkled At Cannes 2015

During the month of May, it’s not the scorching sun that unsettles most of us but it’s the divas who walk the red carpet in exotic France. The brilliance of the sun seems to be fade away in front of the beauties who line up in beautiful attire and sparkling gems. Every year the city on the French Riviera gets adorned not just by glittering lights, festivity but also with beautiful ladies. After all May is the month for the Festival de Cannes or as we like to call it the Cannes Festival. This year what ruled the red carpet was the shimmering jewelry worn by the ladies. They surely know how to flaunt their precious stones and we are not complaining.     


One of the Best Film Festival of Them All

The Cannes Film Festival is regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. Since its inception in 1946, Cannes has gained the reputation of being one of the prominent and must-attend film festivals in the world. It is for this reason that every year during the month of May the best directors, producers and film actors keep their schedule booked for a sojourn to the French Riviera. The warm temperatures and bright sunshine only adds to the fervent atmosphere.

Though Festival de Cannes is famous as a platform which showcases and appreciates world cinema, over the years it has also become a place where the paparazzi can shoot glamorous men and women walk the red carpet. Today the film festival is known as much for the films screened as it is for the rep carpet appearances. It is considered a big deal for any actor to walk to a film screening and fashion designers the world over regard it as a big ticket to fame.


Fashionably Extravagant

This year the festival was held between May 13 and 24, 2015 and it was undoubtedly one of the best fashion extravaganzas, not to mention a film-buffs ultimate dream destination. The fashion police from around the world gave this year’s Cannes a thumb up and all for the right reason. The women were beautifully dressed and adorned with expensive, exquisite jewelry. They walked with grace, carried the gowns with aplomb and posed for the shutterbugs likes divas. Everything seemed so perfect on the red carpet that anybody could mistake that they had rehearsed the walk. But as many know, they didn’t rehearse but were naturally brilliant. A thumbs up from our end for their confidence!

You could easily find numerous articles online and status updates, tweets on the social media which commented on what the actors wore on the red carpet. To tell the truth, enough has been said and commented on the gowns worn. But it’s time we turn our attention to other details as well. That’s why we look closely at the jewelry worn by the women.


Jewelry That Dazzled

The most extravagant dress worn for a grand event can look dull if it’s not complemented with the right accessories. We have time and again seen how celebrities made a disaster with their fashion outing simply by choosing the wrong accessory. Luckily, this time in the Cannes, we have very few reasons to complain. The celebrities wore the pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets that went well with their attire. It seemed this season it was all about minimalistic jewelry that added just the right amount of sheen and gloss. How perfect! So, below is a list of the jewelries which caught our attention.

  • The ‘Black Swan’ actress, Natalie Portman chose to wear a red strapless column gown for the screening of La Tete Haute (Standing Tall). Though her choice of dress didn’t go down well with many, what saved her from the harshest comments were her De Grisogono drop earrings.  The elegant diamond earrings gave her all the sheen the 33-year-old needed.


When attending the premiere of “A Tale Of Love And Darkness”, she chose an embroidered and printed pale blue and black silk bustier dress from Dior. The dress complimented her slim figure and the pair of gold and white diamond De Grisogono added to the perfection.


  • Julianne Moore’s birth certificate might indicate that she’s 54 but her Cannes appearance left us thinking. She wore a shimmering, black gown with a plunging netted sequin wrap for the screening of La Tete Haute (Standing Tall). But what we noticed were her Chopard’s white gold, emerald and diamond earrings. The color contrast looked aww-so-beautiful.


She stunned us again with her scarlet velvet one-shoulder gown from Givency. Her look was accentuated by a pair of Red Carpet Chopard earrings. She also wore a white gold and diamond ring.

  • Naomi Watts, the Australian sweetheart, created quite a fervor by choosing to wear a silver-grey dress with stone embroidered bodice. There was a plunging neckline (quite a daring one for the 46-year-old) but the white gold and diamond Bulgari chain covered it quite elegantly.


  • Charlize Theron was the woman with a purpose at the red carpet of Cannes. Her film “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiered at the prestigious film festival. She chose to wear a yellow Dior dress with which she mixed white gold and diamond Chopard bracelet and earrings. Simple but worth a million bucks!


  • Lupita Nyong’o has quite become a favorite among the fashion critics. Her emerald-green gown from Gucci with knife-pleats and high waistband made her look exotic. We didn’t mind her accessories as well. After all, she chose a combination of white gold, rose quartz, diamond, ruby, amethyst ring and a pair of Chopard earrings.


  • The effervescent Salma Hayek made several appearances in this year’s festival. Among her many changes, the one we have selected in this list is Alexander McQueen gown she wore at the “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiere. Her dress was simple but what was really cool was her yellow gold and diamond serpent arm cuff. She matched it up with a pair of Serpent Bohème earrings by Boucheron.


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