Jennifer Aniston's Red Carpet Facade

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Jennifer Aniston's Red Carpet Facade

The former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston needs no introduction, as she has covered various magazines with her classic and sumptuous glance. Ground breaking is something, which hardly introduced to her fashion. No one makes the red carpet look as graceful as she does with her amazing outfits and style.

Jennifer has a clear red carpet formula that depicts as floor sweepers, tumbling necklines, naked Valentino, mini and tuxedos. She loves to wear black colored dresses, but always look stunning with others hues outfits too. When it comes to label, she mixes her outfits with Balenciaga, a touch of Dolce, but she is a real follower of Valentino.

However, this “The Rachel” star has come a long way in terms of her styling and dressing sense. There is a slightly transformation in her statement style, which is quite exciting. Let us take a look back at the Rachel star’s subtle style in some of the red carpets. Have a look:

September 1995 – VH1 Honors


With her brutally sharp cheekbones, this 25 year old Jennifer had just enclosed her the first season of Friends, and became a part of VH1 Honors in September 1995. Wearing her favorite colored dress, she was looking spectacular in 90s.


April 1998 – 9th Annual GLAAD Media Awards


During 9th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Aniston was spotted in her simple style, wearing a sleek white colored mini dress in 1998.


January 1999 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's 35th Anniversary Gala


The black colored velvet dress, she wore at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's 35th Anniversary Gala in January 1999. It appears that her outfit resembles the fashion of 15th century.


January 2003 – With a chic injury


Jennifer loves to wear pants frequently, and here she has paired her pants with black shirt and boots. She kaput a toe on some furniture and got an injury, even though she was looking glamorous.


June 2002 – Bohemian California Women Style


Jennifer Anniston with her bohemian style was looking bit surprised when she was elected to wear a wife beater to the premiere of her film “The Good Girl”.


January 2004 – Favorite Valentino Dress


Expressing true elegance and amazing sexiness, Jennifer Aniston was looking stunning on red carpet with her favorite plunging Valentino neckline dress. This look has become a signature style of Jennifer, which is called the perfect black dress for Jen.


November 2005 – Dave Letterman Show


The cool and trendy look of Jennifer with her blue jeans, has introduced a completely different style. While arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater, additionally she was standing out for the Dave Letterman show.


March 2006 – 78th Annual Academy Awards


At the red carpet of 78th Annual Academy Awards, Jennifer Aniston was stepped with her gorgeous appearance. Wearing a chic black Rochas dress, paired up with simple hairstyle and platinum and diamonds necklace, she had taken her style to a different level.


February 2009 – Angelic Rhinestone Studded Valentino Gown


The perfect complement to Jennifer Aniston, with enormously studded Valentino gown, she was expressing her subtle braid style. Well it is a fact that she was looking extremely beautiful.


March 2010 – French Premier of “The Bounty Hunter”


At the French premiere of her movie “The Bounty Hunter”, Jennifer appeared in stunning Christine Lacroix dress, which was not her favorite color, but still she was looking amazing.


February 2011 – The Berlin Premiere of “Just Go With It”


Her classic look with flirty twisted black colored Gucci dress, was adding a glam to her style. Well, we have to say this that she always stands out in her favorite black color.

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