Inventive Ways to Style Your Pencil Skirt

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Inventive Ways to Style Your Pencil Skirt

One of the chicest and versatile staples of your wardrobe – Pencil skirt tends to transform your look into a sophisticated one when it is paired up with the right accessories and styling. Pencil skirts are long enough to keep you warm during winter days; on the other hand, it can also be light and airy for hot summer days. Hence, this staple makes you feel comfortable in any season.

Pencil skirts have the propensity to make your boring look into a fun and stylish one. They perfectly match up with any kind of body shape and curves. Additionally, pencil skirts pair up with almost all sorts of tops and styles. One can wear the same pencil skirt with different tops and shoes. It can give you both an amazing professional look as well as a casual appearance.


Pairing these staples with different styles of tops will give you a flattering look, as these skirts show enough legs that keep your style feminine. Even though, these pencil skirts can be layered to hide your curvy body or butt. Find the following inventive ways to style this modish skirts and how this style works for you:


Trendy Pencil Skirt with a Graphic Tee

Pairing a pencil skirt with a fashionable graphic tee will give you a sporty and fun look. This sporty style of pencil skirt will be fabulous for both your formal look and casual appearance.


Animal Printed Pencil skirt in an elegant style

Wearing a fabulous animal printed pencil skirt with a sexy top, will give you a sleek appearance, which is perfect for both day and night events. You can also add a pair of classy heels with this styling, to increase the grace of your pencil skirt look.


A formal look with an elegant pencil skirt

There is a number of different ways to style your smart pencil skirts to acquire various looks. A neutral grey colored pencil skirt can be paired with any suitable formal top, blazer or sweater, to get an elegant professional glance.


Pencil skirt with full black dress appearance


This style of pencil skirt comes in one of the chicest looks. Pair a sparkly black pencil skirt with a long-sleeved black top that will give the impression of a stunning black dress. This styling is perfect for any party or dinner.


A hipster appearance with a hand-printed pencil skirt


A knee-length high waisted pencil skirt can be worn with a sleeveless top to get the look that is too cool. This hipster appearance can be enhanced with a simple long pendant necklace and a classy pair of high heels shoes.


A comfy dressing using knitted pencil skirts


With any kind of dressing style, everyone wants to be comfortable and stylish. Here is the way to stay comfy and in trend with a knitted pencil skirt, pairing with a casual top and jazzy jacket.


Sparkling glimpse of a modish pencil skirt


Wearing a sequined pencil skirt with a sleeve crop top and a trendy blazer is one of the best looks with this staple during chilly days. Pair this styling with a pair of heels that will give you a complete appearance for any event.

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