How to style your denim shirt in different ways

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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How to style your denim shirt in different ways

Denim shirt has been in vogue since times immemorial. The only thing which has been changing is the style of wearing it. But, every single woman has at least one denim shirt in her closet. Especially now when the celebrities are flaunting them like anything, people are demoing for them even more. But there is more to a denim shirt than just pairing it with a pair of denim or jeggings.

Read on to find out some extremely unique and voguish ways of styling your denim shirt.

1. For the office goers


You may probably hesitate to wear a denim shirt to work. But the truth is that it can be worn easily to work without feeling out of place. All you need to do is style it carefully with formal pants or jeggings and a blazer. You are good to go.

2. Pairing up with hot pants


This is one of the best ways of styling your denim shirt. Just team it up with a cool pair of hot pants. You may choose denim hot pants or any other material hot pants. As long as they match well with the shirt they are good to be picked up. You can carry the look to a movie or a lunch date.

3. Formal pants


A denim shirt looks amazing with a pair of formal trousers. Go for dull color trousers so that the whole look does not look loud. Slip into nice pair of heels and you are all set to make the eyes roll.

4. Over a dress


Yes, you heard it right. A denim shirt over a short dress not just looks great but it also makes wearing a dress in the afternoon very easy. There are times when we really want to wear our dress during the day but since it is party wear we don’t really go for it. If you have full sleeves denim shirt just throw it over the dress and it becomes casual.

5. Matching up with floral


Denim and floral go hand in hand. A full-sleeved denim shirt would look perfect with a floral pant. Both would complement each other white well. The floral would be subsided by the denim and the denim would be highlighted by the floral. The perfect look for a day out.

6. With the black denims


Pairing a denim shirt with a black pair of denims is probably the most intelligent move. Both the denim would work well with each other. It would be a very trendy casual look.

7. Pairing up with white denim


Wearing your denim shirt in a careless way over a white pair of denim would give you a very cool look. Complete the whole look with extremely high heels. You may choose the look for a movie with friends or just an evening out.

8. With the mini skirt


Have you ever tried wearing your denim shirt with a mini skirt? Well, do try it as it looks awesome it mini skirt. Don’t worry about the print of the skirt and just go for it. It will look nice for sure.

9. The white pants


This is the safest way of flaunting your denim shirt. If you have a cropped denim shirt wear it over a white pair of pants. It will give a very subtle look to your personality and would also make you look taller.

10. Denim on denim


This is probably the best combination ever. And nowadays it is being carried by most of the celebs. Denim on denim looks great. In case you feel it is being too much denim, then just add a light shade blazer to make them look outstanding.

11. With the leather skirt


The skirt you may have tried with the denim shirt. Try the leather skirt with the denim shirt for the tomboyish look.

12. With the belt


Don’t have anything to wear? Let’s create a new outfit for you with your old clothes. Just put on a black dress and your denim shirt over it. Now add a sleek belt to it. And your new outfit is ready.

13. Bling it up


Bling up your denim shirt to add the oomph factor to it. Wear it with floral pants, a skirt, a pair of denim or with a blazer. Just add some bling to it to make it party-ready.

14. With the long skirt


Wear a long skirt or a knee-length skirt and tuck in your denim shirt. Add heels or ankle-length boots to the whole look to look outstanding.

15. With the distressed denim


Style your denim shirt with the distressed denim.

16. Wear it as a dress


Have you ever tried wearing your long denim shirt as a dress? It looks amazing. Add some bling to it and you are ready to head the party. A belt is all you need to make it look like a dress.

17. With the tights


Another creative way of flaunting your denim shirt is with leggings. Again add a sleek belt to slim down your look.

So these are some of the most dexterous ways of styling your denim shirt. It may be one denim shirt that you have in your closet. But there are hundreds of ways of styling it in different ways. You just need to rack your brains a bit to come up with different ways of wearing it.

The best way to style your denim shirt is to throw a look at your closet and see what all you already have in your closet. Next, you need to see what all things can be styled with the denim shirt. You will be surprised to see that you can match eighty present of your clothes with the denim shirt to come up with an entirely new and different look. So get going and try a new look.

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