How to style your boots

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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How to style your boots

A nice pair of boots is something which is a must for every woman’s closet, especially for winters. There are a number of styles which are available in boots like wedges, flats, heels, over the knees, pointed toes, embellished, round toe and various other types. The colour options are also unlimited. But, the simplest brown boots are the most versatile ones. This one pair can be teamed up with a number of outfits efficiently. They look different with each outfit and also keep your warm and cosy.

So here are 10 voguish and easy ways of styling your boots for the fall season and a few simple tips for making the look balanced and pulled off.

  1. With denim


The best way of flaunting those boots during fall is to wear them with denim. It is the easiest and the classic way of wearing them.

Tip1. For creating that balanced and stylish fall look while it is not so cold, you may put on a vest for creating a cute and layered look. Then, just add a statement neckpiece in a bright colour for adding a little softness as well as femininity and attracting the attention towards your pretty face.

  1. With socks


Socks, when layered under the boots, look cute for winter and fall along with keeping your toes warm and cosy. However, by adding one more line on the knees may easily help you in cutting the line of legs in the weird places.

Tip2. Do not let the socks show more than one inch for avoiding weird colour block and section your legs.

Tip3. Keep your socks in a neutral shade so that they are able to add something to your look but do not attract unnecessary attention. Let the attention be on your face.

  1. With colour pants


With the coloured pants that almost everyone has nowadays, you are sure to pair them with the boots this winter and fall.

Tip4. Pick the dark shades of denim rather than the neon ones. This would help you in blending your boots into your legs in a much better way and in creating the long leaning look.

  1. With the patterned pants


You might be a little scared of pairing your boots with the patterned pants because it might look weird. But, trust me you will just fall in love with the whole look. Just try it once.

Tip5. Pair the patterned pants with your boots and a neutral and oversize top for balancing the whole business at the bottom.

Tip6. Add a bright colour neckpiece so that the attention is towards the face and not on the busy pattern of the legs.

  1. With a pencil skirt


Pencil skirts look the best with boots. But the proportion has to be appropriate.

Tip7. Pick up a pencil skirt which hits at the knees or above the knees so that you’re able to get some inches of legs to show. Don’t let your boots and the skirt touch each other.

  1. With the A-line skirt


Even the A-line skirt looks amazing with boots. But here also you need to be careful about the proportion. You need to ensure that there is enough space between the hem of the skirt and your boots.

Tip8. Pick a top which is dark in shade for balancing the dark sections on the legs and keeping the look from being heavy at the bottom.

  1. With the dress


Boots and dress look the best during fall and winters. Some part of legs being exposed looks wonderful. But, again you need to be careful that there is sufficient space between the hem of the dress and the boots.

Tip9. You can add a scarf for adding some bulk towards the top part of the outfit for balancing heavy boots.

Tip10. You should not be scared of pairing black or brown as both of them are neutral colours and look perfectly fine together.

  1. With a dress and tights


As winters become colder, tights become a staple with boots. As there are just a few inches of the tights which are exposed, you can try going for a fun vibrant shade such as gold or pink.

Tip11. You can add a denim jacket to the look for balancing the boots at the bottom.

Tip12. You can also pair the tights with pencil skirts or A-line skirts and boots.

  1. With the leg warmers


Leg warmers look wonderful with boots. They give the look of socks. You can flaunt them over denim, or also with dresses. You can also layer them with tights under a skirt or a dress.

Tip13. You can go for the patterned ones, but you need to ensure that the rest of the outfit is neutral in colour so that the outfit looks balanced.

Tip14. In case you have light coloured leg warmers and you are wearing denim, just ensure that only one or two inches are exposed over the boots. Otherwise, you may hide the line-up of your legs. In case the leg warmers are dark in colour, you can let a couple of inches more to show.

  1. With the leggings and tunic


Leggings and tunic make a versatile outfit. This look is perfect for summers and spring. You can wear a pair of heels with it. But, it also looks great during winters and fall with a nice pair of high boots.

So these are some of the most versatile and best ways of pairing your high boots with different outfits. They can be teamed up with skirts, dresses, denim and any other outfit. You just need to team them up intelligently so that they don’t look out of place and loud.

Because if they are not paired up properly they might just turn down the whole look. So, you need to be careful while pairing them with your outfit.

These tips will help you in flaunting your boots in the best and the most versatile way possible. 


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