How to style your blazer during summers and winters

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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How to style your blazer during summers and winters

A good and basic blazer is the staple for every girl’s closet. A blazer is a lot more than just a piece of clothing. It can be worn as a professional outfit or even for a casual outfit. They are quite versatile when it comes to styling them with anything.

A blazer adds sophistication to an outfit along with giving that chic vibe. Blazer is also wonderful if you want to go for layering. Cardigans look too casual and jackets look quite bulky to be worn the entire day. Thus, blazers make the best choice in such situations.

You just need to look for a blazer which is neutral in color and perfect in fitting for you.

Have that one blazer in your closet and then intelligently style it with different outfits. All you need to do is rack your brains a bit to come up with elegant outfits and looks.

Here are some tips to help you style your blazer in the best way possible.

Blazer is the easiest way of making the sneakers, a pair of nice denims and plain shirt make a dressy outfit. It makes a semi casual outfit but looks wonderful. You can try it at work but you can definitely try it for a lunch date or a movie with friends.

Crop tops and skirts go deep inside the cupboard where they are not even visible during winters. But there is a way of wearing them even during winters. Just add your blazer to your crop top and skirt to get warmth on a cool night.

Blazer looks amazing with ankle length boots and floppy hat. It gives that boho vibe making you look contemp chic.

The best way of making your maxi skirt work for winters is to add a blazer. It defines the skirt also and keeps you warm also. You can also accessorise your look to make it look extremely girlish and sophisticated.

In case you wish to add extra warmth, then you can add a blazer to your short dress and tights. It will not just look elegant but would also help you in staying warm. There cannot be a more gorgeous outfit for wintery dinner nights.

Shorts and tights with a long blazer look just perfect. It is again a semi-formal outfit which looks good during afternoons. So you can flaunt it at an informal meeting or a causal meet up with your guy.

The best way of making your distressed denims look a little formal is to add a blazer to it. You can also pick up your pointed toe heels to make the look totally formal. You can go for a plain white top or a shirt inside the blazer and you are all set to rock the winters.

A masculine blazer should be teamed up with an extremely feminine dress or a skirt. Tights are of course required here. The feminism of the dress or the skirt and the masculinity of the blazer will be balanced.

You can also make your checks shirt a little formal by wearing it under the blazer. You can also add a statement neckpiece to the outfit for making it look girly and formal.

You can make an outfit look vibrant by adding a bright shade blazer to it. Like with a black and white dress and black tights you can add a red blazer. It will look elegant and will work in two ways. It will brighten up the look of the black and white dress and will supress the extra brightness of the red blazer.

You can also try mixing your prints. You just need to go for similar colour prints. Also you should go for small prints so that they can complement each other. Like you can go for a striped shirt under a polka dots blazer or vice versa. You just need to be a little careful while mixing the prints. You need to make sure that they look good over each other.

It makes you sad to keep your summer dress inside the cupboard throughout winters? Well you can wear it during winters also. You just need to pair it up with a nice blazer. You need to keep in mind that if the dress is a neutral colour like this one, then your blazer should be bright to overall lift the look of the outfit. You can also add tights to the dress.

If you want to go for a layered look, then you can wear a blazer on a cardigan and shirt.

For warmer days, you can just wrap a scarf around your neck over your blazer.

You should try to pick plaids or solid colour blazers. They look good and match with almost every outfit. This is the best way of working your outfits during winters.

A blazer adds a nice colour to the denim on denim look. You can even go for a dull or a neutral colour blazer to wear over your denim on denim look like this one.

A well fitted blazer also looks good with loose pair of denims and Oxford shoes. It makes a wonderful combo.

You can also choose a blazer for making your leggings look a little formal. All you need to do is add a pair of knee length boots and a scarf to your blazer and denims.

The structured blazer looks best with a pair of denims. You can also add a statement neckpiece for adding that oomph factor to the outfit. It will look glamourous.

A floral blazer is extremely versatile. Go for plain bottom and inner with the floral blazers like this one. You can go for a bright bottom and a neutral colour inner like a white shirt to go with the floral blazer.

So these are some of the wonderful ways of styling your blazer. You can style it for winters and even for summers. 

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