How to Style a Jumpsuit for a Trendy Look

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  • Posted: Monday, July 13, 2015
How to Style a Jumpsuit for a Trendy Look

During 1940s, people were following an amazing trend of wearing jumpsuits with different styles. Nowadays, jumpsuits are back and very popular staple for a trendy look. Some people feel little apprehensive about the all-in-one feature of this stylish piece, but others love to try this style with numerous ways.

Jumpsuits works well on any occasion or situation like shopping, on a date, party, on a dinner, night out and many other occasions. With one simple zip, jumpsuits give a completely different look to women, in which they look fabulous.

The one piece, which is attached with its bottom, comprises lots of versatility in its look. Therefore, choosing a jumpsuit that perfectly fit to your body type, embraces few fashion rules. If you have found the right jumpsuit for you, then try to style or accessorize it with belts, shoes, jackets, shrugs, jewelry and many other things. Consequently, try this extraordinary new style with different ways will make you look more glamorous. But before trying this modish style, be sure that you know everything about all the traits of its styling. Here are some helpful ideas that will make your jumpsuit look more exciting:

Accessorize your Jumpsuit with different accessories

The first step to look trendy with a Jumpsuit comprises choosing a nice jumpsuit that fits well to your body type. The next step in this process is to pairing this trendy piece with different accessories, which will add some glam to your personal style. There are number of accessories, which work well with jumpsuits such as belts, jewelry, jackets, shrugs, watches and many more.




If you want to style your jumpsuit with a stylish belt, then first you need to choose one that matches with the color and pattern of your jumpsuit. Belts are very easy way to change your look and add some grace to your personality. Some of the standard colors of belts such as black, brown, or navy works well with any kind of jumpsuit. Though, there are numerous varieties of belts that are available in market such as skinny belts, wide belts, stretch belts and many more. Which belt will match up with your jumpsuit’s pattern, depends upon your body type and shape. If you are petite, then you can enhance the glam of your jumpsuit with a skinny belt. However, any wide strap around your waist will ebb your facade.




Jewelry provides number of different styles, as it is considered one of the versatile accessories for styling. With beautiful pieces of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, you can augment the beauty of your appearance. These items are available in a range of patterns and designs and also come in array of material such as gold, silver, gemstone jewelry and many other varieties. Trendy styles of necklaces and dangle earrings can perfectly match with jumpsuits that have V-shaped neckline, and if you have semi full sleeves in your jumpsuit, then try some stylish wide bracelets.




Shoes are very essential accessory, not only with jumpsuits, but with any other outfit. And choosing a right pair of shoes will depend upon the body type and shape. For women, there are number of shoes are available in the market, hence you can choose any one of them that make you appear stylish in your all-in-one feature. It is said that the taller the better, hence heels or wedges will perfectly match with any jumpsuit. Flats should only be teamed with a jumpsuit, of you are tall or leggy. High boots are not at all suitable with a jumpsuit style; however ankle length boots can work with the style perfectly.


Shrugs or Jackets


To take your style from casual to formal, a shrug or jacket will help you the most. Wearing a blazer or collared jacket with a jumpsuit, would give you a professional appearance. But jackets can only be wear in winters, hence go for shrugs to style your jumpsuit during summer days. Be sure that you have chosen the jacket that matches appropriately with your Jumpsuit’s pattern and style.




Carrying a handbag or a clutch with this trend, will make you look glamorous. This accessory can add a lot to any kind of outfit. The combination of an oversized tote bag with a slim fitting jumpsuit, will give you a shabby chic appearance. Furthermore, clutches can also works well with your classy jumpsuit.




If you want to style your beachy jumpsuit, then blend it with a matching pair of sunglasses. Even though, sunglasses are tending to give you a smart facade.

In 70s and 80s, this staple was very popular among women, but the latest revival of this jumpsuit style has given the trendy appearance to women with its all-in-one trait. Therefore, before selecting or styling a fashionable jumpsuit, you need to consider few Don’ts that are depicted as follows:

  • Never select a clingy fabric for your jumpsuit, as it would make you look little abrasive. Hence, be sure that the jumpsuit you have selected is not too tight or stiff to your body. It should always match up with your body type. 
  • Do not try to limit yourself to only heels. Always change your fashion, by wearing different styles of shoes. Although, you can also try a cute pair of flats, which will give you a casual look and even you will feel comfortable.
  • Don’t select those jumpsuits that comprise a bold print, as it is not a nice way of styling for most of the body types. You can style yourself with a solid colored jumpsuit, which can easily elevate your style. In addition, you can also choose some soft and subtle prints. Don’t forget black is always a good option for styling.


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