How to Pick Perfect Dress for an Official Party

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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How to Pick Perfect Dress for an Official Party

An official event is that occasion where you will meet with some of your special clients and colleagues. Therefore, before deciding what to wear and how formal you can appear in that occasion, you need to consider many things. As, we know that you don’t want to come up as an unfashionable individual to your colleagues and important clients, besides do not try to be over the top in terms of fashion. The best way to express your style, for your official party is to look classy and smart.

The first thing you need to consider is your look and style. For an official event, do not choose that clothes which reveal much skin, as you required to appear classic and elegant, rather than choosing a tacky style. If you are asked to wear cocktail outfit or any other party attire, then possibly you can make a mistake, in selecting an appropriate dress.

Even though, cocktail dresses and party attires should be chosen prudently. Cocktail dress should not have a plummeting neckline, as it can make you uncomfortable sometimes, dress length should not be shorter than your knee, and the dress should be opaque. Be sure that you do not overdo with accessories like sparkling earrings, necklaces or other jewelry. The simpler cocktail dress, the more you will look sophisticated at your official party. Here are the guidelines that will help you in getting dressed up for your official event and make you leave an unforgettable impression on others:

Choose outfits that Set off with your Body Shape

An outfit that flatters your body shape and size would be the perfect dress for the event. However, you need to consider the style, cut and type of the dress fabric of the dress. Try to choose suitable style of your dress that show off all the aspects of your body and make you look beautiful. Every woman comprise different shape, hence you select an outfit that complement your body shape:

Hourglass Figure

Women with hourglass body shape have curves at top and at bottom as well, and embraces small waist and formed legs. Outfits that emphasize the waist are perfect for this kind of body shape. Although, trendy accessories like belts or cinching for waist, will also make you look modish. Dresses with straight-line make hourglass body shape look boxy; hence never go for this kind of dresses.

Petite Women

Women that are petite or short in height, comprises curvy body. For petite woman, dress should extend the appearance of their height. And the best choice would be short dresses. Short dresses have a propensity to make you look longer. Thus, choose dresses without much detailing, which make a petite shape look glamorous.

Pear Shape Body


Pear shaped body have wide hips as compared to the shoulders, but typically they have smaller busts. To emphasize the body shape, a dress with congregated detailing at the top, would be perfect. It will highlight the top portion of your body. Fitted top and graceful bottom complements the pear shaped body.

Busty Shape

Normally, busty women are bigger at the top and shorter from the waist. Therefore, the priority is to streamline the body shape with a graceful outfit. A-line dresses would be suitable for busty women, as these dresses make the body shape look flatter with the style. However, do not choose printed patterns, as it would not team up with the body frame.

Apple Shape Body


Women with larger top portion, extensive shoulders, larger bust and slimmer hips falls into category of apple shape body. V-neckline dresses would perfectly team up with this body shape. Additionally, if you look for a knee length cut then it would be better for your style and appearance.


Try to acquire slightly professional appearance

Picking the right outfit for an official party, should be done carefully. As, a flawed dress and inapt style can make you feel embarrass in front of your important clients and colleagues. Consequently, opt for the dress that makes you look sophisticated as well as professional. Avoid deep necklines and heavy detailing in your dress; just go with the simple form of style. Slightly formal attire will be the best equip for your official event.

Shade of the dress is very important


Flattering your complexion should be the high priority while dressing up for your office party. For spring and summer parties, bright colored dress would make you look classy at the party. Bright colors are also considered as a formal, therefore colors such as white, cream, grey, or light blue would be suitable to give you a professional appearance.


Go with the appropriate fabric

Comfort is also one of the important aspects, while dressing up for an official event, and if you have selected a dress without taking care of fabric, then this mistake can lead you to feel uncomfortable at your office party. For winter parties, jersey, wool or knitted dressed would be perfect, however chiffon, satin or cotton fabrics are suitable for a summer party. Women those have curvy body, should wear fabrics that move with their body movement.


Match up your style with chic accessories


Adding flair and style to your personality can be acquired only with some chic accessories. They also give the style which you want. Dressy earrings, gorgeous bracelets, trendy handbags, stylish belts and many more staples, would easily add some glam to your looks. A bright colored professional dress can be paired up with a pair of gleaming chandelier earrings and simple necklace, would be an ideal style for any professional event.

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