How to Look Taller With Fashion Tricks

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How to Look Taller With Fashion Tricks

We people can’t change certain things in our life, and one of the examples is our physical appearance in terms of height. All and sundry want to stay stylish, but due to their short height, they get a little disappointed. But sad, they don’t know that certain clothing can create an illusion of good height.

In the United States, 70% of women are considered petite, as we all know that the average height of a woman is 5’6”, and women in the US are 5’4” tall or under. Every woman cannot be 5’8”, but with some clever fashion tricks, like certain clothes, taller shoes, and styling tips, it is actually possible to look tall with few more inches.

If you petite, and feel that your height is an obstruction to your style, then here we are with some useful tips for short women, who want to look taller and enhance their style. Therefore, while getting dressed up, if women follow a few invented tips and tricks, they can really solve their problems. Here are the tips and tricks:


1. Flared jeans and bottoms would be a good option


Bottoms and jeans with little flare are able to create the misapprehension of longer legs, and when the edge of the bottom hits the shoe top, it will show off distinctive tall height. The combination of fitted flared jeans, a waist-length shirt or top, and flat edges shoes, would give you the appearance, you desire for and i.e. tall height. Make sure that the waistband of your jeans should touch your natural waist, but not lower.


2. Frequently try solid colors


Clothing with all one color is one of the intellectual ways to augment your body outline. With this trick, people will get distracted to look at you vertically, as you will be dressed up with all one shade. Therefore, you can give an appearance of being taller, by adding some solid colors to your wardrobe.


3. Try shorter hairstyles


Long hair, that is down the back, actually makes you look down even more than your height. Go for a smart hair cut that touches your shoulders, but not more than that, as it enhances your body, by emphasizing your neck and shoulders. A pixie cut or a short bob would be better for petite women. On the other hand, if you want to keep your hair longer, then put it in a ponytail or bun. You will observe the result of this trick on your own, that short hair truly makes you look taller.


4. Maxi skirts are veteran for styling


Most of the women believe that floor-grazing skirts or dresses are not appropriate for petite women, but this is not true. In fact, a well-tailored maxi skirt can actually create the illusion of good height. Additionally, the solid color style of these skirts would increase the effect of this trick. However, a fitted top and a cropped leather jacket would perfectly match these kinds of skirts. Also, a pair of wedges or heels would give a perfect appearance for being taller.


5. Black should be your favorite


Women know this secret that black colored outfits can be used to look taller and even slimmer. When another looks at you, wearing black attire, they never get interrupted with the lines of dark shades, hence this trick will help you give an impression of a good height. However, always pair your black outfits with classy heels or wedges, and also enhance your look with little jewelry such as studs, rings, bracelets, etc. with this styling combination, you can make a style statement.


6. Stick to vertical strips


It is one of the oldest tips, that clothing with vertical stripes make you look longer, and even it is the most popular fashion trend during spring days. Thick or horizontal strips are not suitable for petite women's style.


7. Heels with low-cut vamp will add panache


When you wear skirts, dresses, and shorts, then try low-cut vamp shoes, which will instantly elongate your height in front of others. Try to find the pair of heels, which embraces color similar to your skin tone, this will highlight your style even more.


8. Avoid losing outfits



Many people think that fitted clothes make them feel exposed, but this is not true. Women who are petite are not required to wear skin-tight clothes, but they can try some form-fitted attires to advance their style. Although, whenever you wear jackets or blazers, be sure that it flawlessly perches at the top of your shoulders, so that it looks form-fitted.


9. Make a bond with your skinny belts


The natural waist of a girl’s body can be described with skinny versions of belts. These sorts of belts would make a great combination with your short skirts and dresses, and also give you the impression of appearing tall. Thick belts divide the outline of your body in two different parts and make you look shorter.


10. Choose V-neck style for your top


Whenever you shop for new tops, then go for V-necklines. However, V-necklines enhance the outline of your neck and shoulders, hence it gives the illusion of longer height to your appearance.

In terms of short height, there are numerous myths, in which people truly believe, but the fact is that fashion has proved this folklore absolutely incorrect. Here are the facts that breaking these old myths:

Petite women should not wear short dresses

This mythology is enormously wrong; although short dresses make women even look smarter and classy.

To look taller, always wear long outfits. It is not necessary that long attires would make you look taller; sometimes they help you to hide your body frame.

Flat shoes are not meant for petite women

Most of the petite women hesitate to wear flat shoes. Since they believe that these shoes make them look shorter, but the fact is it will represent your height as it is. Even though, flats are the most comfortable shoes and look attractive.

Never go for bright colors

Your appearance does not depend upon the color of your attire; it totally depends on the pattern and design. So, the folklore about bright colors is completely false.

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